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How to Manage Your LinkedIn Content Mix

by LinkedIn Marketing, Podcast

In this episode we explore how to manage your LinkedIn content mix with the subtle art of blending curated, owned and promotional content from your LinkedIn Company page.

I’m often asked questions about the best frequency and time to post on LinkedIn. It’s less common for people to ask me about their LinkedIn content mix, which is why I’ve dedicated this podcast episode and these show notes to the topic of managing your LinkedIn content mix.

Getting your content mix right is a really important part of being effective on LinkedIn. This episode provides some examples of how we do this on Think Bespoke’s page and suggests you also give some thought to the ‘tone of voice’ of your page updates.

How to Manage Your LinkedIn Content Mix

Good planning, consistency and regular rituals are the key to the effective implementation of your content marketing strategy. I recommend a mix of owned, curated and promotional content. While promotional content is an important part of any content marketing strategy, it’s important to strike a balance between promotional and non-promotional content. Too much promotional content can turn off potential customers, while too little promotional content may not effectively drive business results.

While free edu-content, in the form of articles like this, are helpful, they need to be blended with content that educates your community about your services and the problems your organisation can help potential clients solve.

Understanding Owned Content for LinkedIn

Owned content refers to the original content created and published by a brand or company as part of their content marketing strategy. This includes any content that is created and published on the brand’s own channels, such as their website, blog, social media profiles, email newsletters, and more.

Owned content can take many forms, such as articles, blog posts, videos, podcasts, infographics, and more. The goal of owned content is to provide valuable and engaging information to your target audience, with the aim of building relationships, generating leads, and ultimately driving conversions.

One of the key benefits of owned content is that it allows brands to have full control over their messaging and brand image. By creating their own content, brands can tailor their message to their specific audience, showcase their expertise and thought leadership, and build a unique brand identity. Owned content is a crucial component of any content marketing strategy, as it allows you to establish your organisation or brand’s authority, build relationships with your audience, and start more conversations with potential clients.

Understanding Curated Content for LinkedIn

Curated content refers to the process of collecting, organising, and sharing third-party content that is relevant to your target audience. Curated content can be used to supplement your original content and provide additional value to your target audience.

Curated content can take many forms, such as articles, blog posts, updates, videos, infographics, and more. The goal of curated content is to provide your audience with high-quality, relevant information that they will find useful and engaging.

Curating content can also help to establish your organisation as an authority in your field by demonstrating your knowledge and expertise. It can help to build relationships with other thought leaders in your industry, who may be more likely to share your content with their own audiences. In this way, be strategic about whose content you curate and share in your content plan.

Incorporating curated content into your content marketing strategy can help to diversify your content, provide additional value to your audience, and strengthen your organisation’s authority and credibility.

Understanding Promotional Content for LinkedIn

Promotional content refers to any content that you specifically designed to promote you, a product, service, or brand. In your content marketing strategy, promotional content is used in conjunction with owned and curated content to drive business results.

Promotional content can take many forms, such as product demonstrations, case studies, customer testimonials, sales promotions, and more. The goal of promotional content is to encourage your target audience to take a specific action, such as making a purchase, signing up for a free trial, or downloading a white paper.

Promotional content should be used strategically as part of a broader content marketing plan, and should be designed to complement and enhance your overall message and value proposition.

content marketing strategy playbook for linkedin

Content Marketing Strategy Playbook for LinkedIn

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Karen Hollenbach, LinkedIn Expert Consultant, Educator & Mentor

Karen Hollenbach, LinkedIn Expert Consultant, Educator & Mentor

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