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LinkedIn Training Workshops

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Our LinkedIn training workshops range from introductory training for staff who do not feel confident about using LinkedIn through to the development of a strategic content framework for your organisation’s LinkedIn presence.

We’ve designed and developed a wide variety of LinkedIn training programs, including:

  • private online training sessions for teams
  • on-site training for educators and industry association members
  • keynote speaking topics for conferences and
  • our biannual LinkedIn Live events

Examples of LinkedIn training workshop topics we can deliver for your team include:

  • How to Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile
  • How to Unlock the Power of LinkedIn
  • Enhancing your Profile & Organisation on LinkedIn
  • Introduction to LinkedIn
  • Posting with Confidence on LinkedIn
  • Networking, Engagement & Content Rituals or LinkedIn
  • How to Maximise Your Time on LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn Profile Thought Leadership

LinkedIn Training with a LinkedIn Expert Consultant

From Lunch and Learns to half day deep dives, we provide LinkedIn training workshops to meet the needs of your team.

Karen Hollenbach is our resident LinkedIn expert consultant and the Founding Director of Think Bespoke. She’ll work with you to develop LinkedIn training workshops to empower your team to use LinkedIn more effectively. Your team will learn how to shine brighter on LinkedIn, be more confident to expand their connections and understand how to raise awareness of your organisation on LinkedIn.

Karen has designed and delivered LinkedIn training workshops across many industries including B2B organisations, tertiary education, libraries, peak industry bodies, industry-based member organisations, boutique law and recruitment firms, leadership coaching and consulting firms and women’s business networks.

Tips and Insights from a LinkedIn Expert Consultant

Our LinkedIn training workshops provide your team with the knowledge and proven rituals to help maximise their time on LinkedIn, stay meaningfully connected to their stakeholders and raise your organisation’s profile.

Our LinkedIn training workshops are packed with practical tips and insights that will energise your team to spend time on LinkedIn. They will learn how to leverage the key parts of their LinkedIn profile, expand their LinkedIn connections, network more effectively on LinkedIn, engage with their LinkedIn community, build their thought leadership and educate potential clients about your organisation’s services.

Working with a LinkedIn Expert Consultant, our easy to follow LinkedIn checklists empower professionals to confidently navigate LinkedIn. LinkedIn is constantly evolving and new features and Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools are regularly being introduced. In our LinkedIn training workshops your team will learn how to navigate these changes by deciding their focus for LinkedIn. They will learn how to determine which LinkedIn features are the right ones to leverage.

LinkedIn Expert Consultant Training Credentials

Karen’s training and marketing qualifications are an important factor in how Think Bespoke provides inclusive and equitable quality education. As a trained educator Karen is fully registered with the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT), has a Graduate Diploma in Education, Certificate IV in Training & Assessment. As a content marketer, Karen has a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Marketing. As a LinkedIn Expert Consultant Karen has trained thousands of individuals and hundreds of organisations since 2010.

Depending on the organisation we’re working with, Karen’s approach to developing LinkedIn training workshops and programs for clients involves consultation with decision makers responsible for the organisation’s learning and development, marketing, corporate communications or professional development for their stakeholders.


  • In the design of LinkedIn training programs Karen takes the time to understand where your teams, your members and/or students are on their LinkedIn journey. She asks key questions about your learners and the organisation’s LinkedIn training needs and then provides a recommended training approach based on your timeframe, desired format and budget.
  • For teams with a hybrid working model we can deliver online training, providing the added advantage of recording the LinkedIn training sessions.
  • On-site options can be delivered as interactive LinkedIn training workshops or as part of a conference. 

Tania Wilson

Digital Marketing, Plan Partners

“We loved having Karen team up with our B2B partnership managers to help them get on their LinkedIn feet. Karen knows her craft inside and out and delivers her training with humour and grit.”

David Gear

Media and Communications Advisor, Dementia Australia

“Karen is an engaging, interesting and knowledgeable educator. She combines a warm, supportive presenting style with a detailed and broad knowledge of LInkedIn. I would highly recommend Think Bespoke for any organisation that wants to boost their profile through LinkedIn.

Bronwen Fallows

Graduate Development Manager (MBA) Monash University

Karen is a pleasure to work with. Our MBA students came away from their LinkedIn session feeling far more confident in their use of the platform and were able to immediately apply what they’d learned to create more professional profiles.

Robin Shepherd

Professional Association Executive Manager, RCSA

“Karen ran a great session for our staff on maximising LinkedIn networking and engagement for our members and community. She is an engaging presenter with a heap of easy to implement and effective tips.

Melissa Welham, 

Head of Online Learning, Future Women

“We approached Karen with a very specific brief, and she delivered a perfectly tailored LinkedIn session for our audience. Attendees gave unprompted feedback about how engaging, practical and helpful the session was — which is always a good sign! Thank you, Karen.”

Jennifer Woodward

Thought Leadership Engagement at Starlight Children’s Foundation Australia

“I can’t recommend Karen Hollenbach highly enough. Karen did lots of deep digging to really understand the needs of the projects we wished to focus on. Karen supported work on reputation management, marketing mentoring, strategy & profile building. Karen really took the time to challenge our thinking and changed perspectives & approach to LinkedIn entirely.”

linkedin expert consultant
linkedin expert consultant
linkedin expert consultant

LinkedIn Expert Consultant for Quieter & Thoughtful Folk

For learners who identify as someone who ‘doesn’t really use social media’ Karen will provide helpful context about the role of LinkedIn for professionals. Particularly good with individuals who feel reluctant or tentative about LinkedIn training, Karen’s warm and engaging approach helps put people at ease. She provides learners with easy to follow checklist and a library of resources for ongoing support and guidance. This encourages small and intentional steps towards getting a better understanding of LinkedIn, helping learners feel more positive and confident about taking action on LinkedIn as a result of enjoying her LinkedIn training.

Karen’s preference for a more intentional and strategic approach to LinkedIn explains why she’s not a fan of the ‘humble brag’ on LinkedIn. She discourages her learners from adopting a ‘content heavy’  approach on LinkedIn, despite the increasing pressure to ‘put yourself out there’. She understands the value of being more active on LinkedIn and suggests the following to her more introverted and sensitive clients:

If you are weighing up the benefits of being more active on LinkedIn versus the discomfort of having to put yourself out there, I recommend you focus first on being a strategic content curator, as opposed to the ubiquitous content creator.

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