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Case Studies for LinkedIn Training

by LinkedIn Training, LinkedIn Marketing

In this article you can browse case studies for LinkedIn training programs I’ve customised for our clients across Australia. These include my biannual LinkedIn Live events, private online training sessions for teams, on-site training for educators and industry association members and keynote speaking topics Karen has delivered at conferences. 

LinkedIn Expert Consultant

My name is Karen Hollenbach and I’m the Founding Director of Think Bespoke. If you’d to up-skill in LinkedIn, I’m glad you’ve found me! Browse our Knowledge Base of articles and podcasts while you’re here and sign up to my E-Insights for LinkedIn insights and inspiration.


LinkedIn Training & Marketing Credentials

My training and marketing qualifications are an important factor in how Think Bespoke provides inclusive and equitable quality education. As a trained educator I am fully registered with the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT), have a Graduate Diploma in Education, Certificate IV in Training & Assessment. As a content marketer, I have a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Marketing.

I’m regularly engaged to develop tailored training for clients, who’ve included, but are not limited to local government, tertiary educational institutions, libraries, peak industry bodies, industry-based member organisations, boutique law and recruitment firms, leadership coaching and consulting firms, B2B and professional services organisations.

Development of LinkedIn Training Programs

Depending on the organisation I’m working with, my approach to developing LinkedIn training programs for clients generally involves consultation with decision makers responsible for the organisation’s learning and development, marketing, corporate communications or professional development for their stakeholders.

  • In the design of LinkedIn training programs I take the time to understand where my client’s teams, their members and/or students are on their LinkedIn journey. I ask key questions about the learners and the organisation’s LinkedIn training needs and then provide a recommended training approach based on the learner’s timeframe, desired format and budget.
  • Some organisations enjoy online training if their team works remotely, providing the added advantage of recording the LinkedIn training sessions. Other organisations prefer me to share my LinkedIn insights and develop training programs as interactive workshops or as part of a conference. I always enjoy the connection that comes with in real life events.

Here are a series of case studies, with access to some of the online training I’ve designed and delivered, to provide a guide to the types of training I’ve developed for a variety of organisations, in a number of different formats. This will help you decide if I am the right LinkedIn specialist trainer for you and your team.

LinkedIn Training via LinkedIn Live

My decision to move away from paid LinkedIn training programs via a monthly Lunch & Learns, which I ran from October 2020 until October 2022, and instead provide free LinkedIn Live online training events is how I promote lifelong learning opportunities with our LinkedIn training resources.

This is consistent with Think Bespoke’s mission, which is aligned with the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, Sustainable Development Goal four. We operate to provide inclusive and equitable quality LinkedIn education and promote lifelong learning opportunities via our online learning resources.

LinkedIn Training Topic Format
How to Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile Watch the replay here on Think Bespoke’s YouTube channel.
How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy for LinkedIn Watch the replay here on Think Bespoke’s YouTube channel.

LinkedIn Training for Local Government & Libraries

I’ve developed a variety of training programs for Victorian Local Councils economic development, specific teams and State Library Victoria.

Government Body Training Topic Format
Maribyrnong City Council Your Professional Reputation Online I was engaged to design and deliver this training session at a Maribyrnong Youth Services event in Footscray, and then recorded it for use on the Council website.
Mitchell Shire Council How to Unlock the Power of LinkedIn I designed and delivered this online workshop as part of Mitchell Shire Council’s Digital Marketing series. View the workshop here.
State Library Victoria (SLV) How to Use LinkedIn to Hack Your Career Goals I was engaged to design and record this online session for the specific purpose of providing an online resource to students as part of SLV’s student membership. It was also valued and accessed by SLV staff.
Wyndham City Council Enhancing your profile on LinkedIn This was a private session I designed and delivered as an online workshop. It included pre-work for the team members. The training was interactive and included very specific examples and tips that were relevant for the team’s learning goals (as identified in their Professional Development wish list with their Manager at an annual performance review).
Yarra Ranges Council Using LinkedIn and Managing Your Digital Profile I was engaged to deliver this online session and answer questions on an expert panel as part of a series to support job seekers, career changers and small business owners. View the recording of the session on Council’s website here.

LinkedIn Training for Educational Institutions

I’ve developed a variety of training programs for tertiary educational institutions as part of their own training programs or as stand alone training, to enhance their learner’s understanding of LinkedIn.

Educational Institution LinkedIn Training Topic Format
Gene Technology Access Centre (GTAC) Enhancing your profile and organisation on LinkedIn I was engaged to design and deliver this training session on-site to the education team to help raise the team and organisation’s profiles on LinkedIn.
Independent Schools Victoria (ISV) Enhancing your profile and organisation on LinkedIn I was engaged to design and deliver this presentation about LinkedIn on-site as part of the ISV’s launch of their Employee Advocacy Program.
Monash University, MBA program LinkedIn for Professional Reputation I was invited as the LinkedIn Expert to co-deliver the LinkedIn training workshop for the MBA program. This was originally delivered on campus at Caulfield and then online.
RMIT Unlocking LinkedIn for your Students I designed and delivered a series of workshops on-site with the RMIT Careers team to help them better understand and embrace LinkedIn as a tool for their students.
University of Melbourne LinkedIn Profile Optimisation I was engaged to design and deliver a specific workshop on-site at the Dookie campus for Bachelor of Agriculture students in their final year.

LinkedIn Training for Industry Groups

I’ve developed a variety of training programs for industry groups and peak bodies as part of supporting their members to learn how to maximise LinkedIn.

Industry Body Training Topic Format
Women On Boards How to Maximise LinkedIn for Your Career I was engaged to design and deliver this online workshop and answer questions about LinkedIn as part of the WOBX program.
Women on Boards LinkedIn Profile Masterclass At this half day masterclass participants were shown how to write the key elements of their LinkedIn profile.
Recruitment, Consulting & Staffing Association How to tell your unique career story on LinkedIn

How to Harvest Leads as a Content Creator on LinkedIn

How to Maximise LinkedIn

Networking, Engagement & Content Rituals or LinkedIn

As an Affiliate Trainer with the RCSA I have designed and delivered a series of online workshops for RCSA members, as part of their ongoing learning and development program and for their NEST leadership program.
Strategic Alignment Training How to Maximise your Time on LinkedIn I was engaged to design and deliver this online workshop for hiring industry professionals.

LinkedIn Training for NGOs and Social Enterprises

I’ve developed a variety of training programs for NGOs and organisations delivering programs funded by State or Federal Government grants.

Non Government Organisation Training Topic Format
Dementia Australia LinkedIn Profile Best Practice
LinkedIn Profile Thought Leadership
Networking, Sales & Content Rituals
Working very closely with the Dementia Australia Media & Comms Advisor, I was engaged to design and develop a three month interactive online learning series and LinkedIn guidelines for Centre Dementia Learning team.
Future Women’s Jobs Academy LinkedIn: Mastering online networking I was invited to deliver a very specific training brief as part of Future Women’s Job Academy. We adapted my Professional Profile checklist as a co-branded and interactive resource to support our learners This session was online and the recording continues to be used by this community.
Global Women’s Peace Network GWPN How to Tell Your Unique Career Story on LinkedIn As a Global Friend of the GWPN I delivered this workshop online to support the leadership and mentoring program.  View the recording here on Think Bespoke’s YouTube channel.
House to Grow LinkedIn for Entrepreneurs I designed and delivered this online workshop as an introduction to LinkedIn for the Watering Women’s Tree program.
Monash Business Awards LinkedIn: Master Your Market I was engaged to deliver this keynote presentation at a breakfast event held at Huntingdale Golf Club for local Monash Council businesses and their teams.

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Karen Hollenbach, LinkedIn Expert Consultant, Educator & Mentor

Karen Hollenbach, LinkedIn Expert Consultant, Educator & Mentor

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