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Jennifer Woodward

Starlight Foundation

“I can’t recommend Karen Hollenbach highly enough. Karen did lots of deep digging to really understand the needs of the projects we wished to focus on. Karen supported work on reputation management, marketing mentoring, strategy & profile building. Karen really took the time to challenge our thinking and changed perspectives & approach to LinkedIn entirely.”

“The training provided by Karen was very useful and made every day sense as to how we can use LinkedIn more effectively and get better results. She provided excellent live examples and was very clear with her training. I highly recommend Karen and her training if you are looking for ways to make your LinkedIn experience actually meaningful.”

“I cannot recommend Karen highly enough. Her mentoring program was just fantastic. Her classes were very highly organised, and still a relaxed learning environment. I learnt more than I ever thought I would! There is definitely a lot more to LinkedIn marketing than you think. You should definitely give this program a go, it is SO worth it for your business (big or small).”

“The foundation of our Linkedin strategy has come from the time we have spent with Karen and we continue to stay ahead of the game through our engagement with her.”

“Karen is very knowledgeable on how to navigate your way around LinkedIn. She provided excellent advice on my profile and how to focus my profile as well as my activities to attract the right kind of clients. I highly recommend her for LinkedIn training including your personal and company branding on LinkedIn.”

“Karen delivers information in a clear and interesting way with lots of actual examples to make understanding the process of improving the LinkedIn experience easier to navigate. Very approachable and all the access to articles and information is a great help once the session has completed.”

Ann Pocock

Kinetic Effect

“Karen helped make a big difference to my profile and LI presence.

She’s a gem to work with and sees things beyond what you can see yourself.”

“I’ve worked with Karen on many occasions and have found her to be so knowledgeable when it comes to LinkedIn strategy for business or corporate professionals. Would highly recommend her for corporate training or one on one business & LinkedIn coaching.”

Cristina Londono

Wallnut Studio

“I was so impressed by Karen’s service. The quality was excellent, they understood my needs and translated them to an excellent Linked-in profile that is already generating great results. Highly recommended!”

“Thank you so much for all the effort and energy you put into my profile. I have now finished reading over it and I love that you have been able to summarise what I’m all about – a task I’m pretty average at.

Great to have this done and again thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I highly recommend your services to others.”

“Karen is a great teacher. With so many on line courses for people to choose from it’s important to look at the content, but even more important to learn from someone that can teach that content in a relatable way. Karen is well versed in teaching her craft which is Linkedin. If you want to learn how to master Linkedin and create a Linkedin Strategy for business success, Karen will take you all the way there. She has been a game changer for me.”

“I’m so thankful to Karen for her expertise, insights and patience. Her feedback and recommendations are invaluable and I definitely recommend Karen for anyone managing a LinkedIn page, or who wants to get the very most out of the platform personally. Thanks Karen!”

“Karen and her team took us on a journey to develop a LinkedIn strategic content framework that started with our ideal clients in mind. Their journey has helped us to strengthen not only our LinkedIn presence, marketing framework but also our service offering. They have helped us to focus on aligning our business goals to build our brand, educate our potential clients and to build a solid narrative for our rebrand.  Anyone looking for a 1st class LinkedIn Strategy delivered with authenticity, then there is only one place to go.”

“Karen’s deep knowledge of the subject matter, her clear communication, and the way she transitions between facts, case studies, and stories means our audience was constantly engaged. I’m looking forward to seeing the results that are generated by the concepts delivered in this morning’s training session.”

Bronwen Fallows

Graduate Development Manager (MBA) – Monash University

“Karen is a pleasure to work with. Our MBA students came away from their LinkedIn session feeling far more confident in their use of the platform and were able to immediately apply what they’d learned to create more professional profiles.”

“Karen presented two LinkedIn training sessions to our staff. It was done over Webex and she presented the information so well, was extremely knowledgeable when asked questions and kept everyone engaged and interested. Karen was great to work with in the lead up to the training, customising and changing the content to support our business. I would recommend Karen for training.”

Briony Stocker

Career & Life Coach

“I have worked with Karen since 2020. She is the go-to expert for our annual Monash MBA LinkedIn and Career Advancement Workshop. Her style is approachable, engaging, and informative. The workshop is always full of great tips students can implement immediately. I’d highly recommend Karen as a facilitator and subject matter expert.”

Micaela Drieberg

Public Health Consultant

“I met Karen while I was a Councillor and Mayor at the City of Monash after introducing her as a keynote at a Women’s Business Network event. During the event Karen shared her LinkedIn insights with the audience and I was so impressed I scheduled a follow up individual session with her. To this day, I still apply principles she taught me!”

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