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How to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

by LinkedIn Profile

In this article I explain how to improve your LinkedIn profile by reviewing some of the key features available to all LinkedIn members.
Improving your LinkedIn Profile requires reviewing your goals and focus for LinkedIn and making sure the way your profile is written reflects this. LinkedIn is regularly introducing new features for your LinkedIn experience, for both free and paid membership. I’ll share some of these with you in this article so you can check you are leveraging the features relevant to you.

How to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

I recommend you start reviewing and updating your LinkedIn profile by checking your contact details, location, your profile photo and your current role.

Contact Details: At the very least I recommend you include your work and non work email in your LinkedIn profile’s contact settings. If you leave your current employer and no longer have access to your work email, your secondary (or personal) email will ensure you can access your LinkedIn profile.  If you do not want LinkedIn connections to see your email or mobile, you can specify this preference in the Settings & Privacy section of your LinkedIn profile.

Location: Setting your correct location on your profile is important for search and to let your connections know where you are based.

Profile photo: Make sure your profile photo was taken in the last 3 years.

improve your linkedin profileCurrent Role: Check you’ve listed your current role.

If your company has a company page, make sure it is listed correctly in your profile. Type in the name of the company and wait for the drop down menu to appear, then choose the correct company page. This ensures you are listed as an employee on the company page and it gets the company logo on your profile and displays in the intro card for where you work.

Review these Key Sections of Your Profile

The key sections of your LinkedIn profile I suggest you review next are the Open To (Finding a new Job or Providing Services), Featured and About sections.

Open To: If you are in active job search, I recommend you activate the Open to Work feature on your profile.

How to Let Recruiters Know You Are Open to Work

Open To: If you are a consultant, freelancers, coach or B2B provider, I recommend you activate the Providing services feature on your profile.

How to Add Providing Services to your LinkedIn Profile

Featured Section: This is the area on your LinkedIn profile where you can showcase work samples that you’re most proud of. For example, you can feature posts that you’ve authored or re-posted, articles you’ve published on LinkedIn, and even external media like images, documents and links.

How to Use the Featured Section On Your LinkedIn Profile

About Section: This section of LinkedIn profiles is often missed. I recommend you take the time to read the article below to learn how to write this shttps://thinkbespoke.com.au/how-to-write-a-good-linkedin-profile-about-section/ection of your profile.

How to Write a Good LinkedIn Profile About Section

Learn How to Write Your LinkedIn Profile

Today’s article has shown you some of the key areas you can review to improve your LinkedIn profile.

If you’d like a step by step process for writing your LinkedIn profile, please check out my on demand course, LinkedIn Profile Essentials.

Check out the free preview module to decide if this is the right Course for your needs.

Karen Hollenbach, LinkedIn Expert Consultant, Educator & Mentor

Karen Hollenbach, LinkedIn Expert Consultant, Educator & Mentor

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