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How to Add Providing Services to your LinkedIn Profile

by LinkedIn Profile

In this article we explore how to add providing services to your LinkedIn profile and explain why individuals who provide services to clients should consider adding this feature to their LinkedIn profile. 

Are you looking for ways to improve your LinkedIn profile? One great way to do this is by adding the “Providing Services” feature. This will allow potential clients and customers to see what services you offer. There are many free features to promote your organisation’s services on LinkedIn. Making the most of new features and functionality that LinkedIn provides helps you increase awareness of what you do.

Activating the Services Page on your LinkedIn profile is a great feature that gives consultants, freelancers and B2B providers the opportunity to showcase your services via your profile. Your LinkedIn profile really can be your 24 hours-a-day, seven days a week, online ambassador, that works on your behalf while you are sleeping. You are in much greater control of what people can find out about you online if you optimise your LinkedIn profile, consider the terminology you use and the features you activate. It’s important to use the search terms that your clients and community would use to increase your chances of being found.

How to Add Providing Services to your LinkedIn Profile

Navigate to your profile and you should see the option to “find potential clients by showcasing the services you provide” and click on “get started”. LinkedIn will take you to a screen of icons asking you to tell them about your work preferences and explaining that you can expect to get found in search results on LinkedIn and be contacted via LinkedIn by potential clients.

Can’t see this prompt? Please follow these steps.

Click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.
Click the View Profile button.
Click the Open to or Add Goal button in the intro card below your headline.
Select Providing services.
Click the Continue button after reviewing How it works.
Complete the Service Page set up information.
Click the Next button.
Preview the information that will appear on your Service Page.
Click the Publish button to make your Service Page viewable by members.


Additional Providing Services Features

On the providing services page, you can also add up to 8 pieces of media to showcase your work. Here are the media specifications from LinkedIn for the image, video and URL types you can include.

For those of you who have a CRM connected to you e-mail account monitoring leads, you might find it more convenient to discuss any project requests that are received via LinkedIn by emailing the potential client. This is easily done by responding to the initial request with a thank you note requesting an email address for further discussions.

This feature will continue to evolve. We recommend you keep an eye on the functionality to maximise the options for your business.

Common Questions About Adding a Profile Services Page

How many services can I list? You can list up to 10 services.
Does the About Section for my services page replace my LinkedIn Profile’s About section? Great question! No. Use this section to describe the services you provide.It is separate to your LinkedIn profile About section.
Should I list the geographic are in which I work? Yes. LinkedIn wants to know the geographic area in which you work so members in your are can find you.
Should I let people leave reviews on my services page?

This will depend on whether you run your own business or not. If you provide these services as a business owner, freelancer, consultant or coach it is definitely worth letting LinkedIn show potential clients your reviews and recommendations on LinkedIn.

If you provide these services as part of a paid role at an organisation, you may not choose this option.

Should I allow LinkedIn members I am not connected with to me message me for free? Yes.
When I publish my services page will my LinkedIn connections automatically get an update? No, but when your LinkedIn connections visit your profile, the services you provide will be listed in your intro card.

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