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LinkedIn Marketing Mentoring with Karen Hollenbach

LinkedIn is where better clients hang out

If you’re serious about getting better clients, I’m here to help!

Hello, I’m Karen Hollenbach. I’m a LinkedIn training specialist, also known by some as the ‘LinkedIn Lady’.  In 2019 I was ranked in the Top 10 LinkedIn Experts in Asia Pacific by Social Media Marketing Institute.  I get regular business enquiries via LinkedIn messaging, sign ups to my email list and attendance at my online training events by using the proven frameworks and tools I share with my clients.

If you’d like to stop the occasional ‘flurry of activity’ and be more strategic, my LinkedIn Marketing Mentoring program is for you.

Enjoy learning that’s easy to follow.  Learn how to develop and implement a game plan for LinkedIn that:

  • Takes a more strategic and consistent approach on LinkedIn for your profile and company page
  • Includes my proven networking, sales, marketing and content rituals to help you get noticed by better clients
  • Measures your success based on your goals for LinkedIn

Amanda Campbell

Bend Like Bamboo

“I am doing Karen’s virtual LinkedIn mentor program. LinkedIn is not what I thought it was and I have not been using it correctly. Every month, I am learning how to maximise my pages, leads, content, and marketing. Together we have taken my LinkedIn page to a new level, and as a result, I now have a strategy that works. It has been such a pleasure working with Karen, she is so thorough, wonderful to work with, I recommend Karen’s services highly.”

Here’s Why You Need to Enrol

My LinkedIn Marketing Mentoring Program provides you with the accountability and focus you need to develop and implement an action plan that sticks.  LinkedIn’s not hard, you just need to know what you’re doing when you’re there.  And you need to be consistent.

My proven approach to LinkedIn networking, sales, marketing and content rituals will show you how to:

  • get more traffic to your LinkedIn Profile
  • build your online reputation
  • start more conversations with better clients

You’ve seen colleagues win great clients from LinkedIn.

You know that better clients hang out on LinkedIn.

You’re tired of wasting your precious time on social media.

Anne George

“The program was extremely well put together, great valuable content and Karen is a very supportive and motivating force in driving LinkedIn education. There was always ample opportunity to ask questions and so much to learn and explore. Highly recommended for those people who really want to get active on LinkedIn, improve their skills in LinkedIn Marketing and connection and get outstanding value from a LinkedIn expert.”

It’s time to embrace LinkedIn

Aim of the Program:

To help growing small businesses leverage LinkedIn better with a focused virtual training program that provides access to proven LinkedIn strategy, networking, sales, marketing and content resources.


What’s Included in the Group Program:

The LinkedIn Marketing Mentoring program covers the 5 proven modules developed by Karen Hollenbach to help you master your LinkedIn game plan. The training materials are based on the success achieved with 100s of small business owners and marketing personnel. It will help you build your individual and organisational brand’s awareness, educate your LinkedIn community about your services and generate more leads via your LinkedIn activity.


Available in a variety of formats

Available in a variety of flexible formats, including 1:1 online training over 3-5 months, virtual group training over 5 months, or the ability to enrol in individual modules as 1:1 training sessions.

Five Modules

Module 1: LinkedIn Profile Strategy
Module 2: LinkedIn Company Page Strategy
Module 3: Networking & Sales Rituals
Module 4: Marketing & Content Rituals
Module 5: Measuring Success

What to Expect

The full program starts with our unique goal setting process to agree your focus and time commitment to your LinkedIn game plan. It’s also your opportunity to ask specific questions and get some feedback on your current LinkedIn presence.

Once you’ve set your goals for LinkedIn we then focus on your LinkedIn Profile and Company Page strategies in Module 1 and 2 to ensure your LinkedIn assets are optimised and you are making the most of the key features available to you. In Module 3 and 4 we dive into my LinkedIn networking, sales, marketing and content rituals.

In the final module we review your goals and link this to your LinkedIn analytics to ensure you are regular reviewing and adapting your LinkedIn game plan based on key LinkedIn metrics.

Session Duration & Format

Group and 1:1 module sessions are up to 90 minutes and are recorded via Zoom for you to share with internal team members



All session options include pre-work to give you access to proven resourcesand best practice LinkedIn guides


    Is my LinkedIn Marketing Mentoring Program for You?

    This program is for you if:

    • You’re responsible for the LinkedIn presence of growing small business and want to get better clients on LinkedIn.
    • You want a proven approach to LinkedIn that’s going to raise your profile, educate your community about your services, encourage referrals and increase traffic to your profile and company page.
    • You want a proven road map for LinkedIn to develop your LinkedIn strategy.
    • You (or one of your team members) have good copywriting and content curation and creation skills.
    • You can commit to attending regular training sessions and schedule time every week on LinkedIn to complete the networking, sales, marketing and content rituals in this program.
    • You are self motivated and enjoy online learning.

    This program is not for you if:

    • You do not have the time or headspace to develop and implement your LinkedIn action plan.
    • You need super quick results and believe in silver bullets.
    • You want to outsource your LinkedIn marketing to someone else. [There are agencies who can do this for you, but in-house management of your LinkedIn presence is recommended if you have the resource].

    Roxanne Keenan

    “Karen’s LinkedIn Marketing group was extremely helpful for me as a page admin for the company I work for. I loved the pre-work suggestions for each month’s topic as well as the live deep dives Karen would walk us through on Zoom. Karen breaks everything down in a way that’s easy to understand and more importantly, implement yourself. I knew very little about LinkedIn at the start of the course and have walked away feeling much more confident in how to leverage LinkedIn properly. I highly recommend Karen’s course for any business owner or company page admin who wants to make the most out of their time on LinkedIn.”

    Why LinkedIn? Why Now?

    The LinkedIn user experience is constantly evolving and the LinkedIn Profile and Company Page features offer unique ways for you to showcase your organisation to a professional audience. In 2018 Hubspot reported LinkedIn’s conversion rate as 277% greater than Facebook for B2B brands.

    LinkedIn remains the most popular professional networking platform with 722 million global members. In Australia there are 6.5 million active users.  More business leaders are spending time on LinkedIn, with 2020 member usage reporting a 55% increase in conversations among connections, a 60% increase in content creation, 15x more content impressions than job postings, and LinkedIn Live streams increasing by 437%.

     There is no time like the present to take a closer look at your LinkedIn game plan.

    Enrolment Options

    LinkedIn Marketing Mentoring 1:1 Full Program

    This option is ideal for participants who are ready to take their LinkedIn presence to the next level and prefer learning in a 1:1 training setting and includes a 1:1 virtual LinkedIn Goal Setting session with me and a bonus LinkedIn Profile & Company Page Audit Report (valued at $795) that’s based on a personalised review of your LinkedIn presence. This video run through and written report documents gaps in your LinkedIn Profile & Company pages, and provides recommendations for improvements.

    LinkedIn Marketing Mentoring 1:1 Single Modules
    $1,500 per module

    This option is ideal if you wish to focus on a particular module or would like to run the module as small group training for your team. Available for up to 10 participants via Zoom.

    LinkedIn Marketing Virtual Group

    This option is ideal for participants who enjoy the group training dynamic and includes a 1:1 virtual LinkedIn Goal Setting session, peer support via our private LinkedIn Lounge, access to resources and recordings via Think Bespoke’s online learning portal.

    Virtual group training is run Feb-Jun and Jul-Nov 2022.

    *Earlybird investment for Feb-Jun is available until 31st December 2021.

    Enrolment is $1800 after this (one off payment) or $400 per month
    (fees apply).