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How to Maximise AI on LinkedIn

by LinkedIn Marketing, LinkedIn Training

This article tracks the latest updates for how to maximise AI on LinkedIn including tips for job seekers, recruiters and small business owners.

The introduction of a variety of AI tools on LinkedIn have been the topic of discussion with many of the organisations I work with. This is a moving feast and it will be really interesting to see how this impacts the quality of content and profiles on LinkedIn.

OpenAI, the creators of Chat GPT, is 49% owned by Microsoft with its investment of $13B in early 2023. Microsoft has infused a number of its own products with OpenAI tech and as a whole owned company of Microsoft, LinkedIn is going to tap into its parent’s prime investment. (Kevin D Turner)

Latest AI updates from LinkedIn

We’re keeping a close eye on LinkedIn’s latest updates. The insights in this article are based on our own experiences with Linkedin, the latest from LinkedIn Help and announcements from LinkedIn team members. If you want to dive more deeply into the updates we’ve shared in this article, I also recommend you check out the following articles/newsletters.

How to Maximise AI on LinkedIn

Collaborative Articles on LinkedIn

How to maximise AI on LinkedInCollaborative articles are AI generated and a new way for experts to share their knowledge on LinkedIn. Leveraging this feature is how I got the Top Thought Leadership Voice badge on my LinkedIn profile.

You can secure multiple badges (I have three – Small Business, Executive Coaching and Thought Leadership). You can display one at a time via your LinkedIn profile.

If you have a niche thought leadership topic then this feature is worth exploring. Commenting on collaborative articles is an advanced LinkedIn profile strategy. Start by ensuring your profile is up to date and leveraging the thought leadership features (e.g. creator mode, featured section, About, etc). It will also help to align the skills in your LinkedIn profile to the collaborative article subjects you wish to comment on.

LinkedIn’s announced enhancements to Collaborative Articles. This feature is a focus for LinkedIn at the moment and will help expand your reach and add credibility to your profile with a Top Community Voice badge. The changes reported by Lakshman Somasundaram, Director of Product Management at LinkedIn include:

  • Top Community Voice badges: Badges for a skill will appear next to your contributions to an article, no longer just on your profile.
  • New layout: LinkedIn is putting a greater focus on member contributions instead of AI-generated text.
  • All reactions available: Plus, you can see who has reacted to your contributions.
  • Follow: People can now follow you directly from your contributions.
  • Top Contributor section: Noteworthy contributors will be featured at the top of an article (most likely based on reactions).
  • Cross-article linking: Internal links are being added to articles to make it easier to discover and read more articles.
  • And more: LinkedIn is promising better quality and depth for articles; better algorithmic recommendations based on your posts/articles/comments; that filling in your Top Skills section will “explicitly pick the skills you want to contribute to”; and a refresh of linkedin.com/advice that makes it easier to find and contribute to articles.

Read more in Over 1 Million Expert Answers: What’s New with Collaborative Articles.

If you’re keen to learn more about Collaborative articles on LinkedIn and how your engagement with them can help you earn a LinkedIn Top Voice Community Badge, the LinkedIn Live with Gillian Whitney and Kevin D. Turner provides a great overview about their evolution and how you may choose to leverage them. Topics discussed included in this LinkedIn Live interview include:

  • how to earn a LinkedIn Community Top Voice Badge and Collaborative articles – their evolution
  • the benefits LinkedIn Community Top Voice Badge and Collaborative articles
  • how to find the list of Collaborative articles on LinkedIn
  • how earning a LinkedIn Community Top Voice Badge and Collaborative articles relate to skills
  • the importance of skills on your profile and lots more!

Read LinkedIn’s Collaborative Articles FAQ.

LinkedIn Recruiter’s AI Tools

LinkedIn Recruiter is a paid license for hiring managers and recruiters. The AI tools for the Recruiter License will assist with manual writing and analysis tasks such as job descriptions, setting up queries for sourcing, sending emails to candidates, responding to candidate questions, scheduling interviews, recording and analysing interviews, writing job offers, and even negotiating salary.

These tools cover four categories:

  1. AI-assisted candidate discovery: provides fast and easy sourcing, filtering, selection, and skills analysis.
  2. Smarter suggestions: suggests locations, job titles, skills, companies, and other criteria that would expand the results of a search
  3. Simplified candidate outreach: generates AI-assisted InMails and can automate InMail follow-up messages, CRM, and email integrations
  4. Actionable data and insights: creates in-depth reports and insights to analyze job advertisements, posting performance, traffic, and other functions within Recruiter..

This toolset uses LinkedIn Economic Graph or your company’s employee and candidate information database.

Source: This information was adapted from an update by Kevin D Turner.  The VP of Product at LinkedIn, Hari Srinivasan has also written Reimagining hiring and learning with the power of AI that references  the 2024 Recruiter Release. Wave 1 plans include all Recruiter features launching between October 2023 and April 2024. Check back in April for Wave 2 announcements. Rollout dates are subject to change.

Find out more about more from LinkedIn about how to:

Learn with AI on LinkedIn

LinkedIn continues to test new ways to make every learner feel like they have access to one of their 3,000+ expert instructors at their fingertips. This starts with AI-powered coaching in LinkedIn Learning — a chatbot experience that offers both real-time advice and tailored content recommendations all personalised for you based on your job title, your career goal, and the skills you follow.

LinkedIn is testing out real-time advice in two of the most in-demand skills that apply across all types of jobs: leadership and management. Learners can pose a question like: How can I delegate tasks and responsibility effectively? Instead of giving you a one-size-fits-all answer, it will ask you clarifying questions to more deeply understand your specific situation and experience and then offer advice, examples, and feedback based on hundreds of hours of content from our expert instructors. LinkedIn will continue to explore tailoring chatbots, drawing on knowledge and content from specific experts.

There’s an overwhelming numbner of options on LinkedIn Learning so this tool will help you find the right content, faster. Instead of browsing and searching, it will curate highly personalised course and video recommendations in seconds showing you exactly where to start.

Please remember! LinkedIn Learning can be accessed free via your local library, if you are a member (which is also free), via their online digital resources.

Source: Reimagining hiring and learning with the power of AI, by Hari Srinivasan, VP of Product at LinkedIn.

Job Seekers – Interview Preparation Feature

Get instant AI feedback to improve your interview answers when you are using LinkedIn’s interview preparation feature.

When you’re using LinkedIn’s Interview Preparation feature to record a practice answer (video) for a common interview question, you can get instant, AI-powered feedback on how you can improve your delivery.

Get instant AI feedback to improve your interview answers

The AI-powered feedback will tell you your pace, how many words you used per minute, if you used any filler words, for example: “umm”, if you used any sensitive phrases and answer tips to improve your response.

Learn more about LinkedIn’s interview preparation feature.

Create LinkedIn Company Page posts with post ideas

If you’re an admin on your organisation’s LinkedIn company page, you may have noticed the post ideas prompt.

How to maximise AI on LinkedInThere’s a number of AI tools available via LinkedIn. Some are for the exclusive use of premium members and some are readily available to all LinkedIn members. While I recommend you check them out, be discerning about which tools are saving you time and producing a higher quality result, and which are distracting.

Create LinkedIn posts with AI-powered writing tool

This update was provided on LinkedIn by Kevin D. Turner about LinkedIn currently beta testing the Microsoft Designer experience on LinkedIn desktop and mobile, named [Design], with a handful of members for a limited time only. Kevin reports:

Like 99.9%+ of LinkedIn, you may not have access at this time, so I captured for you, a sneak peak, just in time as my Beta Test lasted less than a week.With Microsoft Designer integrated into LinkedIn Premium, you’ll be able to quickly create custom designs and original images to accompany your post without having to leave LinkedIn. Microsoft Designer’s AI is based in OpenAI’s ChatGPT & DALL·E 2.

Using this AI integration would allow you to simply type a short description (prompt) of what you want brought to life visually, like announcing a new job, visualizing a complex thought to grab your viewer’s attention, announcing your team is hiring, or even celebrating a work anniversary.

Find out more about how to Create LinkedIn posts with AI-powered writing tool.

LinkedIn Best Practices for content created with the help of AI

My favourite tip from LinkedIn about using AI is this one.

Think of it as a tool, not a crutch: members, not AI, power the best engagement on LinkedIn.
LinkedIn also suggests the following in terms of best practices for content created with the help of AI:
  • Follow LinkedIn’s Professional Community Policies to keep your engagement safe, trustworthy, and professional.
  • Review, edit, and approve any content that you’ve used AI to create. You are ultimately responsible for everything you post on LinkedIn.
  • If you’re using AI to help create content that you share on LinkedIn, ensure you are not infringing on the rights of others while doing so, including intellectual property and privacy rights.
  • In your posts or other content on LinkedIn, let others know (if it isn’t obvious from the context) if you’ve relied heavily on AI to help create or modify the content.

Chat GPT and AI on LinkedIn

As someone’s who’s naturally curious, I believe it’s always good to play with new technology and decide for yourself if it’s an enhancement to your current content marketing practice or a distraction. As a digital minimalist, the secret is to be discerning enough to know the difference. I really enjoyed reading the perspective of Remi Audette, Founder of Sunday Best Digital Agency, in her article via Smart Company.

What does ChatGPT mean for the future of marketing?

Generative AI for Sales Navigator

LinkedIn announced in September 2023 that it’s piloting two new generative artificial intelligence (GAI) features – AI-assisted search and Account IQ – that make account research and lead prospecting more effective. For now, these two new AI features are available to a limited number of customers in Asia Pacific, North America and Latin America in this initial pilot


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