How to Let Recruiters Know You are Open to Work

In this article we explore the LinkedIn Open to Work feature and explain how to enable and manage this feature on your LinkedIn Profile.

If you are in active job search or open to new job opportunities, you can let recruiters and / or your network on LinkedIn know with the Open To Work feature.

How to Enable or Manage the LinkedIn Open to Work Feature

This feature can be accessed via your LinkedIn Profile. It’s best activated when you are logged into your profile and at a desktop computer or laptop.  Please see the image below for how to add ‘Looking for job opportunities’ to your profile section, and watch the video below for my step by step guide.


With this feature LinkedIn allows you to specify the job opportunities that you’re interested in, your preferred locations and job type (e.g. full time, part time, remote, etc).


The benefit of this feature is that it helps your LinkedIn profile show up in search results when recruiters are looking for suitable job candidates. It’s also a way to let anyone viewing your LinkedIn Profile know that you’re looking for work (if you choose the option to let all LinkedIn members see you’re open to jobs).

How to Specify Who Sees You’re Open to Jobs on LinkedIn

Importantly, this feature is also available for those of you who are gainfully employed, but are open to being contacted by a recruiter for job opportunities. In this case, please watch this 3 minute 30 second video where I show you how to only let recruiters (not your whole network) know you are open to being contacted.


Learn How to Activate the LinkedIn Profile Open to Work Feature

In this 3:30 video I provide step by step instructions on how to activate the LinkedIn Profile Open to Work feature.


Your Privacy on LinkedIn with the Open to Work Feature

LinkedIn take steps to prevent LinkedIn Recruiter users who work at your company and related companies from seeing your shared career interests, but do not guarantee complete privacy. If your organisation’s hiring managers or HR department have the LinkedIn Recruiter license, they will be able to see you are open to being contacted.