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The Best Times to Post on LinkedIn

by LinkedIn Marketing, LinkedIn Training, Podcast

In this article you will learn the best times to post on LinkedIn. You can also tune into the podcast episode at the end of this article with tips for navigating the best times to post on LinkedIn.

With more professionals and digital marketers embracing LinkedIn’s content publishing features our community often asks ‘when is the best time to post on LinkedIn?’ The information included in this article links to authoritative content marketing sources that regularly update this information.

Warning! Not everyone agrees on the best time to post on LinkedIn. The short answer is, it depends. The best times to post on LinkedIn will depend on a number of factors including the industry you are in, the type of content you share and how much you’ve invested in LinkedIn advertising. It will also depend on whether you are posting from your LinkedIn Profile or your LinkedIn Company Page and how many connections or followers each has.

The Best Times to Post on LinkedIn

Best Times and Days to Post on LinkedIn Content Source Last Updated

Best times to post on LinkedIn:

Tuesdays 10 a.m. to noon.

LinkedIn Pages:

Tuesdays through Thursdays

Sprout Social May 8, 2023

Monday 1pm

Tuesday 10am

Wednesday 3pm

Thursday 10am

Friday 10am

Saturday 12pm

Sunday 8am

Hootsuite March 27, 2023
Wednesday: 8am, 9am, 10am, 12pm, 3pm
Thursday: 9am, 10am, 1pm, 2pm
Friday: 9am, 11am, 12pm
Buffer March 16th, 2023

Aim to post on LinkedIn between 9-12pm, 12-3pm or 3-6pm.

Best day to post is Mondays, Wednesdays or Tuesdays, in that order.

Hubspot Jan 24, 2023

While Richard does not overtly state that Saturdays and Sundays are the BEST time to post, he does recommend you include Saturday and Sunday in your Content Strategy.

And I agree!

Richard Van der Blom Sept 11, 2022

Feeling confused? I recommend you use this information as a general guide to help you get started with your LinkedIn content marketing plan. The best time to post on LinkedIn will also depend on your industry. This Influencer Hub Marketing article, Best Times to Post on LinkedIn to Increase Your Engagement in 2023 references research that shows:

B2B businesses have the best success with posts made between 11 am–2 pm while B2C businesses and software companies do best outside of the 9 am–5 pm range.

It also provides a breakdown of the best times to post on LinkedIn for different industries (from Hubspot):

  • Higher Education and Healthcare: Weekdays from mid-morning to early afternoon (10 am–2 pm).
  • B2B Businesses: Check your LinkedIn analytics, but typically weekdays in early mornings, during lunch, and during commuting times.
  • Software and Media: Weekday mornings or outside of traditional work hours.
  • B2C Businesses: Weekdays during lunchtime or outside of traditional business hours.

Use Analytics to Assess the Best Times to Post on LinkedIn

If you use a third party scheduling tool and your plan includes post analytics, this will become your best guide to the best times to post on LinkedIn. If you post from LinkedIn and use the built in LinkedIn scheduling feature, once your posting plan is in place, allocate regular sessions to track when you post and review your analytics to get the most reliable information on the best time to post on LinkedIn for your specific circumstances.


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