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Six Things You Need to Know About LinkedIn Company Pages

by LinkedIn Marketing, LinkedIn Training

This article explores six things you need to know about LinkedIn company pages if you are responsible for managing your organisation’s LinkedIn presence and want to maximise some of the free features.

The LinkedIn Company Page experience is constantly evolving and LinkedIn’s providing organisations with a number of tools via the LinkedIn Company Page to help attract talent to your organisation. The shift to hybrid and remote work has seen the addition of new ways to showcase your organisation via the company page. You can add your workplace policy to your LinkedIn page, add your featured commitments (e.g. you company’s stand on DE&I, career growth and learning, work-life balance, social impact and environmental sustainability) so they can be displayed prominently in the About section of your page.

But it’s not all about hiring managers, HR and People and Culture. Marketers and the sales team also have access to tools via the LinkedIn Company Page experience. You can add a Lead Gen Form to your page, follow a LinkedIn Page as your page, schedule posts and publish a regular LinkedIn newsletter and grow subscribers.

There really are so many free marketing and publishing features via the LinkedIn page experience. If you’re just getting started with LinkedIn Pages, here are some of the key things you need to know.

Six Things You Need to Know About LinkedIn Company Pages

If you’re planning to increase your organisation’s presence on LinkedIn, better leverage the LinkedIn Company Page experience and improve your results on LinkedIn, here are six things you need (apart from all the really exciting examples above) to know about LinkedIn Company Pages.

1. LinkedIn Company Pages Showcase Your Employees

A LinkedIn company page allows your employees to list your organisation in the experience section of their LinkedIn Profile. This enables an important interplay in your LinkedIn strategy, with potential clients able to assess both your organisation and your leaders. If you manage your organisation’s LinkedIn presence, we recommend you do an audit of who’s listed as a current employee. If someone is misrepresenting your organisation on LinkedIn by saying they work for you (when they don’t) you can submit a request to LinkedIn here to report inaccurate employment.

2. Your Organisation May Have Access to Product Pages

LinkedIn Product Pages allow organisations to highlight their products and customers who use them on LinkedIn. However, they are currently only available to following types of industries: business-to-business (B2B) software, computer hardware, financial services, insurance, education, healthcare, and pharmaceutical. Learn more about how to create and publish a LinkedIn Product Page.

3. You Can Grow Your LinkedIn Company Page Followers by Adding Client Facing Admins to Invite their Connections to Follow the Page

LinkedIn gives you an allocation or ‘credits’ each month to invite connections to follow your organisation’s LinkedIn Company Page. But here’s the thing. . . .if you have a small LinkedIn network or you’re in the Marketing, HR or External Affairs team, your LinkedIn connections may not be the right people to invite to follow the LinkedIn Company Page.

If this is the case for your organisation, the page’s Super Admin could consider adding client facing staff members to be page Admins for a particular month to gain access to their LinkedIn connections. Sit with them or record video instructions for how they can invite their connections to follow the company page.

Here’s how you can Add Admins on your LinkedIn Page.

4. You Can See Who Follows Your LinkedIn Company Page

This is one of my favourite LinkedIn page features because it provides the opportunity to start conversations with LinkedIn members who are interested in your organisation. I recommend you establish a LinkedIn ritual to regularly checking new followers.

linkedin company pageAgree with client facing team members to decide who is best suited to reach out to any 2nd or 3rd degree connections via their own LinkedIn Profiles to connect. Make sure they include a personalised note in the message thanking the LinkedIn member (and potential warm lead) for following your organisation’s LinkedIn Company Page.

Read more about Follower analytics for your LinkedIn Page.

5. Add a Follow Company Page Follow Button to your Website

You can add a Follow button to your website, making it easier to grow your LinkedIn Company Page follower base. LinkedIn provides a LinkedIn Company Page Follow button for your website using their developer resources. Learn more about the Follow Company Page Plugin.

6. Competitor Analytics for your LinkedIn Company Page

Competitor analytics allow you to gauge your brand’s performance on LinkedIn against your competitors through follower and organic content metrics. By adding your competitor’s LinkedIn Company Pages to your competitor analytics you can keep an eye on their followers and posts in your metrics. Read more about Competitor analytics for your LinkedIn Page.

If you’re yet to set up your organisation’s LinkedIn page, please follow the instructions in this article.

How to Create a LinkedIn Company Page

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Karen Hollenbach, LinkedIn Expert Consultant, Educator & Mentor

Karen Hollenbach, LinkedIn Expert Consultant, Educator & Mentor

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