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LinkedIn Strategic Content Marketing Framework

by LinkedIn Marketing, LinkedIn Training

In this article we explore our LinkedIn strategic content marketing framework with a case study from a boutique law firm in Melbourne. The development of this framework is unique strategic consulting service we offer to B2B and professional services clients who wish to improve their LinkedIn presence.

Patrick & Associates is a Melbourne based, boutique, commercial dispute resolution and litigation law firm. Since we worked with them on their LinkedIn Strategic Content Marketing Framework, they have merged with another legal firm, Mills Oakley.  In 2020, their business planning and strategic growth objectives identified the need to build their online presence. Their aim was to achieve brand awareness and to stay front of mind for referrers, business partners, clients, and prospects. They bought on the delightful Jasmine Malki for assistance with Learning and Development and she connected Patrick & Associates to Think Bespoke.

Developing a LinkedIn Strategic Content Marketing Framework

Patrick & Associates had recently updated their company website, were already writing a regular blog, and were positioned perfectly to play a bigger game with organic content marketing on LinkedIn. the team engaged Think Bespoke in two ways:

  • They engaged in our Strategic LinkedIn Content Marketing Framework process, which over the course of 2 workshops extracts your ideal clients, key messages, and content pillars from your senior team. This is then refined, content sources curated and is delivered to you in a 25+ page reference document, ready for you to implement in your own time.
  • They had their key internal resource who would be charged with creating and posting content on behalf of the brand attend a 6-month LinkedIn Marketing Mentoring program with Think Bespoke to up-skill and build confidence towards managing the organisation’s LinkedIn company page.

Patrick & Associates had a great attitude to LinkedIn during our sessions. They knew that their ideal clients were on LinkedIn and knew that building a presence in an authentic way takes time and effort.

The Results from Implementing a LinkedIn Strategic Content Marketing Framework

One of the highlights of working with so many different types of clients, is that we get to cheer them on from the LinkedIn sidelines over the course of their LinkedIn journey and we can already see the outstanding growth in followers (400%+) to their company page that they have achieved in less than 12 months.

Content marketing on LinkedIn is not just designed to attract ideal clients either, it also helps build an employee value proposition and demonstrate what it is like to work at Patrick & Associates. We have heard tales of jealous solicitors wishing they too could enjoy the weekly learning and development sessions, litigation discussion groups, the book club, team lunches, footy tipping, strong feedback culture and other regular team events. Their thriving company culture and values are demonstrated for all to see online.

As part of Patrick & Associates’ LinkedIn Strategic Content Marketing Framework they shared thought provoking and value adding content. They have learned some tried and true methods for curating and re-sharing evergreen articles and making their content work for them more than once.

Their confidence to post online has grown because they have clear guidelines, objectives, key messages, and content pillars to help keep them on topic. They have learned over time that posting does not necessarily always translate into straightforward “likes” or “comments” – often their content feedback comes indirectly over the telephone to a colleague or when they run into someone in the street. They hear anecdotally (or via direct message) that their community is enjoying what they are putting out there on LinkedIn, and most of all their online connections are becoming educated as to what they do, who they serve and the problems they solve. Over time, their team have become unofficial brand ambassadors, liking company page status updates, and therefore pushing their reach further out into the LinkedIn News feed.

When we asked Patrick & Associates what they enjoyed the most about the Strategic LinkedIn Content Marketing Framework process, it was the ability to engage their whole senior team in the process to ensure that everyone had a say in the messaging and some buy into the objectives and outcomes. Patrick & Associates posted on LinkedIn about our sessions together and what they have learned and achieved on LinkedIn. We will leave you with their own words and take a moment to be quietly proud of them.

Patrick & Associates LinkedIn Reflections

Back in October 2020, we decided to engage more mindfully with LinkedIn to connect with our followers. We invited Karen Hollenbach from Think Bespoke (Melbourne’s best LinkedIn training and profile writing) to work with us to strategically think about our firm’s presence on LinkedIn.

Karen had us thinking about two questions to craft our focus for LinkedIn as a firm and as individuals:

  • What do we want to be known for?
  • Who are we trying to influence?

We have also enjoyed following the posts by Jay Harrington and love his quick 3 question framework to focus posts:

  • Who is my audience?
  • What problem am I solving for my audience?
  • What is the benefit of solving the problem?

We have grown our follower base by more than 400% in just over a year and are excited to keep growing our community.

3 Things We’ve Learnt Along the Way

Don’t get discouraged with low engagement of your posts – a handful of likes and no comments doesn’t mean your followers are not enjoying, engaging or finding your content useful. We have received many private messages, emails and calls thanking us for the content we are sharing. Keep sharing with a clear focus and you will continue to serve your followers and connections.

Show the human behind the professional and the people behind the culture – LinkedIn is a professional networking platform and it’s also a space for meaningful connection for people to share, learn and grow. So we have made a conscious effort of introducing our people, our pets and our plants!

Make your post easy to engage with by using plain language, a clear subject line, lots of white space, sign post the main points and state a call to action.

content marketing strategy playbook for linkedin

Content Marketing Strategy Playbook for LinkedIn

Bring your plans to life on LinkedIn with our Content Marketing Strategy Playbook.

If you’d like to explore our Strategic LinkedIn Content Marketing Framework and you lead a B2B or professional services organisation and want to build your online presence using the power of LinkedIn, then please book an introductory chat with Karen to see if this service is right for you.

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Karen Hollenbach, LinkedIn Expert Consultant, Educator & Mentor

Karen Hollenbach, LinkedIn Expert Consultant, Educator & Mentor

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