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Content Marketing Strategy Playbook

Content Marketing Strategy Playbook for LinkedIn

Bring your plans to life on LinkedIn with this Content Marketing Strategy Playbook. With over 30 pages of expert insights and actionable advice, this digital guide and workbook is the ultimate resource for developing your content marketing strategy and content plan for LinkedIn. Drawing on the LinkedIn content marketing expertise of Think Bespoke's content marketing strategy specialists and LinkedIn expert, Karen Hollenbach, our playbook provides an easy-to-follow, do-it-yourself solution for maximising your LinkedIn presence.

LinkedIn Content Marketing Planning Framework

The key to success on LinkedIn is showing up regularly with a consistent and well thought out content marketing strategy. This playbook is the framework we use with our LinkedIn Marketing Mentees who wish to transform their LinkedIn presence. If you want to take your LinkedIn plans to the next level, this playbook will help you:

  • Clarify and document your target audience on LinkedIn.
  • Clarify and document your goals for LinkedIn.
  • Develop a LinkedIn Profile Content Marketing Strategy.
  • Develop a LinkedIn Page Content Marketing Strategy.
  • Provide the planning tools to document your content library.
  • Provide the insights to determine your cornerstone content and how to maximise this on LinkedIn.
  • Provide samples of content plans for you to follow, populate and implement on LinkedIn.
  • Provide insights on how to measure success with LinkedIn analytics.

What To Expect

In our content marketing strategy playbook you'll find everything you need to know about setting specific goals for your LinkedIn content marketing strategy, identifying your target audience, crafting your unique brand voice and story, developing LinkedIn content pillars, creating a LinkedIn content plan, and measuring success on LinkedIn. Whether you're a seasoned marketer or just getting started with LinkedIn, our content marketing strategy playbook for LinkedIn will take your LinkedIn presence to the next level.

Maximise LinkedIn for Your Business

With our proven strategies and practical tips, you'll be able to create a methodical and consistent approach for you and your organisation on LinkedIn. Learn to drive meaningful engagement with your target audience.

So why wait? Purchase our Content Marketing Strategy Playbook for LinkedIn today and start maximising your LinkedIn presence like never before! It's time to make LinkedIn work harder for your business.


Take action with our Content Marketing Strategy Playbook for LinkedIn

LinkedIn Expert Consultant

About us

Learn from a LinkedIn Expert

Karen Hollenbach is our resident LinkedIn expert consultant and the Founding Director of Think Bespoke. As an experienced educator and LinkedIn training specialist, Karen has developed LinkedIn training programs and courses across many industries including tertiary education, libraries, peak industry bodies, industry-based member organisations, boutique law and recruitment firms, leadership coaching and consulting firms, B2B organisations and lots more.

What our clients say…

Roxanne Keenan

“Karen’s LinkedIn Marketing group was extremely helpful for me as a page admin for the company I work for. I loved the pre-work suggestions for each month’s topic as well as the live deep dives Karen would walk us through on Zoom. Karen breaks everything down in a way that’s easy to understand and more importantly, implement yourself. I knew very little about LinkedIn at the start of the course and have walked away feeling much more confident in how to leverage LinkedIn properly.”

Jennifer Woodward

Starlight Foundation

“Karen supported work on reputation management, marketing mentoring, strategy and profile building.

Karen really took the time to challenge our thinking and changed perspectives & approach to LinkedIn entirely.”

I cannot recommend Karen highly enough. Her mentoring program was just fantastic. Her classes were very highly organised, and still a relaxed learning environment. I learnt more than I ever thought I would! There is definitely a lot more to LinkedIn marketing than you think.”

Aleisha Hey

“Karen runs a simple to follow and fully assisted LinkedIn course. I came to Karen with “I don’t think you can help me, I know nothing about LinkedIn” and she assured me she could. She delivered on her promise and was there to help at every step of the way. I highly recommend Karen’s LinkedIn courses.”

Sallyanne Hartnell

I cannot recommend Karen as a LinkedIn expert more highly. Since working with her, my LinkedIn strategy is clear, my connections building steadily & the engagement, both public & via private messaging on my posts has increased significantly. Karen knows her stuff, communicates clearly & teaches actionable steps to grow your LinkedIn profile & hence your business.”

Nicole Jones

What a very worthwhile program. Thank you, Karen, for the great level of detail shared in the LinkedIn Marketing Mentoring Program. I found the monthly topics very helpful and your insights and practical tips really helped me get my head around how to move forward with my LinkedIn strategy. Thank you. I’d highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to make the most of this platform for themselves and/or their business.”

Rachel Wald

“I’m so thankful to Karen for her expertise, insights and patience. Her feedback and recommendations are invaluable and I definitely recommend Karen for anyone managing a LinkedIn page, or who wants to get the very most out of the platform personally. Thanks Karen!”

Todd Ainsaar

“Karen provided a personal approach in imparting her deep knowledge of LinkedIn, and how it can be best used as a resource. Thanks for the sessions, Karen!”

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