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LinkedIn Marketing Mentoring

Transform your organisation’s LinkedIn presence

LinkedIn Marketing Mentoring to Transform your Organisation’s LinkedIn Presence

This is our flagship program for individuals who are responsible for their organisation’s LinkedIn presence and coaches, consultants and small business owners who want to reach a larger and better audience on LinkedIn.

This program teaches you a methodical and strategic approach that will build your knowledge of LinkedIn. It will help you develop the habits and organisational rituals to maximise your team’s time on LinkedIn, based on clear goals and a method for tracking success. Our LinkedIn Marketing Mentoring program is available as a well-paced five month online group program for one representative of your organisation or a more intensive three to five month online private program for up to four representatives of your marketing and sales teams.

The LinkedIn Marketing Mentoring program includes:

  • Access to a proven content marketing playbook and framework for navigating LinkedIn more strategically.
  • Five live online training sessions with our LinkedIn Expert, Karen Hollenbach.
  • Pre-work and recordings and resources for each of the five modules in the program.
  • Private LinkedIn group to ask Karen all your LinkedIn questions between each live training session.

In this program you will learn how to:

  • Optimise your LinkedIn presence with clear goals for your organisation’s page and leader’s profiles.
  • Increase engagement with your target audience and LinkedIn community.
  • Build a more relevant network to engage with existing and potential stakeholders, clients and referral partners.
  • Explore the most relevant content marketing features for your organisation on LinkedIn.
  • Leverage the ever-evolving profile and page features.

This program will not teach you how to run LinkedIn ads with Campaign Manager or post job ads.

LinkedIn Marketing Mentoring with Karen Hollenbach

Karen Hollenbach

Meet Your Mentor

LinkedIn Educator & Consultant, Karen Hollenbach, is one of Australia’s leading Independent LinkedIn Specialist Trainers and the Founding Director of Think Bespoke. With over 13 years of LinkedIn training, strategy and LinkedIn profile writing experience in Australia, Karen has helped thousands of professionals and hundreds of organisations elevate their presence on LinkedIn.

Learn Karen’s methodical approach to help you develop a LinkedIn strategy for your profile and page with our Content Marketing Strategy Playbook for LinkedIn and a framework to implement and track your LinkedIn activity.  This mentoring program gives you access to Karen and her proven networking, sales, marketing and content rituals.

Aleisha Hey

“Karen runs a simple to follow and fully assisted LinkedIn course. I came to Karen with “I don’t think you can help me, I know nothing about LinkedIn” and she assured me she could. She delivered on her promise and was there to help at every step of the way. I highly recommend Karen’s LinkedIn courses.”

Jennifer Woodward

Starlight Foundation

“Karen supported work on reputation management, marketing mentoring, strategy and profile building.

Karen really took the time to challenge our thinking and changed perspectives & approach to LinkedIn entirely.”

Roxanne Keenan

“Karen’s LinkedIn Marketing group was extremely helpful for me as a page admin for the company I work for. I loved the pre-work suggestions for each month’s topic as well as the live deep dives Karen would walk us through on Zoom. Karen breaks everything down in a way that’s easy to understand and more importantly, implement yourself. I knew very little about LinkedIn at the start of the course and have walked away feeling much more confident in how to leverage LinkedIn properly.”

I cannot recommend Karen highly enough. Her mentoring program was just fantastic. Her classes were very highly organised, and still a relaxed learning environment. I learnt more than I ever thought I would! There is definitely a lot more to LinkedIn marketing than you think.”

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Aim of the Program

To help you develop a strategic and methodical approach to LinkedIn so you can maximise your time and content marketing efforts.

What to expect:

Learn how to leverage LinkedIn better for your organisation with a focused online training program that provides access to proven LinkedIn strategy, networking, sales, marketing and content resources.

Learn how to build your individual and organisational brand’s awareness on LinkedIn, educate your LinkedIn community about your employer brand, your organisation’s services and generate more enquiries via your LinkedIn activity.

Benefits of the program:

  • Develop a more strategic and consistent approach to LinkedIn.
  • Document your plan with our Content Marketing Strategy Playbook for LinkedIn.
  • Understand networking, sales, marketing and content rituals suitable for your organisation.
  • Measure your success based on your specific goals for LinkedIn.
  • Build the most relevant LinkedIn knowledge for your goals.
  • Choose the approach that matches your team’s needs.
  • Become the ‘go to’ for LinkedIn in your organisation.
  • Learners are issued with a Certificate of Completion.
  • RCSA members earn CPD points.

Proven Resources:

Access our Content Marketing Strategy Playbook for LinkedIn, checklists and rituals designed to maximise your time and improve your LinkedIn efforts. Our training materials are based on the success achieved with hundreds of organisations, including recruitment agencies, law firms, accounting practices, allied health practitioners, consultants and coaches across Australia.


The program begins with setting your learning goals with Karen to agree your focus and time commitment to your learning journey. Once you’ve set your learning goals for LinkedIn Module 1 and 2 focus on your LinkedIn Profile and Company Page strategies to ensure your LinkedIn assets are optimised and you are making the most of the latest LinkedIn features.

This is when you engage your key stakeholders and document your Content Marketing Strategy for LinkedIn with our Content Marketing Strategy Playbook (included in the enrolment fee).

In Module 3 and 4 we explore relevant LinkedIn networking, sales, marketing and content rituals for your organisation’s LinkedIn goals. In the final module we finalise your process for using your LinkedIn and website analytics to track and improve your performance.

Building the foundations with your Content Marketing Strategy Playbook for LinkedIn

Module 1: LinkedIn Profile Strategy

Module 2: LinkedIn Page Strategy

Implementing the plan on LinkedIn via your Profile and Page

Module 3: Networking & Sales Rituals

Module 4: Marketing & Content Rituals

Continuous Improvement by reviewing LinkedIn and website analytics Module 5: Measuring Success on LinkedIn


Timing & Investment

Online Group Program 2024

  • Our next online group training is the first Wednesday in February, March, May and June and the second Wednesday in April, due to Easter.
  • Registration is one payment of $3000 or four payments of $875 per month. Fees are GST inclusive.
  • Spaces are limited to 10 participants and registration closes 19th January, 2024. 

Online Private Program

  • This has a more flexible training schedule and can be run over three to six months.
  • Registration is $7500 for participation of up to four team members. Fee is GST inclusive.
  • Please book an intro chat with Karen to discuss your suitability for this program and preferred timing.

Sallyanne Hartnell

I cannot recommend Karen as a LinkedIn expert more highly. Since working with her, my LinkedIn strategy is clear, my connections building steadily & the engagement, both public & via private messaging on my posts has increased significantly. Karen knows her stuff, communicates clearly & teaches actionable steps to grow your LinkedIn profile & hence your business.”

Nicole Jones

What a very worthwhile program. Thank you, Karen, for the great level of detail shared in the LinkedIn Marketing Mentoring Program. I found the monthly topics very helpful and your insights and practical tips really helped me get my head around how to move forward with my LinkedIn strategy. Thank you. I’d highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to make the most of this platform for themselves and/or their business.”

Rachel Wald

“I’m so thankful to Karen for her expertise, insights and patience. Her feedback and recommendations are invaluable and I definitely recommend Karen for anyone managing a LinkedIn page, or who wants to get the very most out of the platform personally. Thanks Karen!”

Todd Ainsaar

“Karen provided a personal approach in imparting her deep knowledge of LinkedIn, and how it can be best used as a resource. Thanks for the sessions, Karen!”

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Course Element Overview Format
Goal Setting Learner’s goal setting with Karen Online 30 minute session via Zoom.
Live Group Training 5 x monthly 90 minute live group training sessions with Karen. Online 90 minute sessions via Zoom.
LinkedIn Lounge Exclusive access to membership of private LinkedIn group to test content ideas and ask questions.

Exclusive to current learners. Ask Karen your LinkedIn questions as you implement your strategy and game plan.

Karen responds within 48 hours.

Pre-work Pre-work prior to each month’s live training, including our Content Marketing Strategy Playbook for LinkedIn. Sent 1-2 weeks prior to live training via email. Housed in Think Bespoke’s learning portal after the live training session is run.
Think Bespoke’s Learning Portal Post training resources via online learning portal. Post session live recordings and all learning resources are housed here so learners can manage internal stakeholders and share resources with their team.
12 months access 12 months organisational access to training recordings and online resources. Think Bespoke Learning Portal via Thinkific with password protected login.

Up-skill in LinkedIn with this Proven Program

Get the accountability and focus you need to develop and implement an action plan that sticks.  LinkedIn’s not hard, you just need to know what you’re doing when you’re there.  And you need to be consistent.

Karen’s proven approach to LinkedIn strategy, networking, sales, marketing and content rituals will show you how to:

  • present a better version of you and your organisation on LinkedIn
  • document your plan for LinkedIn with our Content Marketing Strategy Playbook
  • get more traffic to your LinkedIn Profile and Company Page
  • build your online reputation and referrals via your LinkedIn community
  • start more conversations with potential clients, referrers, stakeholders and employees on LinkedIn

Stop wasting precious time on more ‘social’ media platforms and start having more conversations that matter on LinkedIn.

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Carolyn Marriott

I would highly recommend Karen to anyone wanting to clarify and amplify their brand on LinkedIn and unify all professional platforms.  With her encouraging and direct style, Karen is able to cut through the noise so you can get out of your own way and move forward to build your brand. 

Janie Rose

“Karen is a great teacher . . and well versed in teaching her craft which is Linkedin. If you want to learn how to master Linkedin and create a Linkedin Strategy for business success, Karen will take you all the way there. She has been a game changer for me.”

Micaela Drieberg

Public Health Consultant

“I met Karen while I was a Councillor and Mayor at the City of Monash after introducing her as a keynote at a Women’s Business Network event. During the event Karen shared her LinkedIn insights with the audience and I was so impressed I scheduled a follow up individual session with her. To this day, I still apply principles she taught me!”

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