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Key Features of a LinkedIn Company Page

by LinkedIn Company Page

Updated March 2021

In this article you will learn about some of the key features of the LinkedIn company page.

If you’re new to managing your organisation’s LinkedIn company page, today’s article provides a handy overview of the key features of the company page for page admins to help you view, edit, engage with, and analyse all aspects of your organisation’s page. As an Admin on a LinkedIn Page, your Admin View gives you access to aspects of your LinkedIn company page in accordance with the permissions you have.  Learn more about LinkedIn Company page admin roles in this article.

Key Features of the LinkedIn Company Page

Depending on the number of associated employees and paid features your Page has, the main landing Page of your Admin View will be on the All Pages or Home tab. You can manage your Page customisation from either tab. The All Pages tab is also the access point to paid features for your Page.

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LinkedIn Company Page – All Pages or Home tab

This tab is the main landing page for Admins.  The components of the All Pages and Home tab include:

  • My Company: Through the All Pages tab dropdown, you can manage the Trending Coworker Content feature. Pages for universities will see My Employer instead of My Company. This is only available on desktop.
  • Edit icons: Edit details of your Page such as the banner image, basic info, detailed info, locations, featured groups, and languages.
  • Share Page button: Share your Page on LinkedIn in a post or message, or through Facebook, Twitter, or copied link.
  • Analytics module: View your Page’s performance through Unique visitorsNew followersPost impressions, and custom button clicks analytics. Learn more about your Company page analytics here.
  • One of our favourite features is the ability to view a list of your Page followers in descending chronological order by clicking followers in the top section of your Page or New followers in the Analytics module.  Make sure any 2nd or 3rd degree connections of your key customer facing personnel are across this information and inviting company page followers, but thanking them first for following the company page. This needs to be done from LinkedIn profiles.
  • Start a post field: Post updates on your Page to engage with followers and visitors.
  • Updates feed: View and interact with updates posted to your Page’s feed. You can filter your feed by Direct Sponsored ContentPage updates, and Documents. Linkedin advises that the Documents filter displays content from the previous two years.
  • Invite Connections To Follow module: Invite suggested 1st-degree connections to follow your Page. Learn more about this feature here. Linkedin advises that you won’t see this module if your Page has reached its invitation limit or an admin has closed it.
  • Manage module: Manage your Page Events and associated hashtags.

Products Tab on LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn Product Pages allow organisations to highlight their products on LinkedIn. As a LinkedIn Page super or content admin, you can create Product Pages to showcase your organisation’s products on your Page’s Product tab. The tab only appears for members if you’ve created one or more Product Pages.  You can view and edit all published and unpublished LinkedIn Product Pages for your organisation from this tab.  Learn more about Product Pages here.

Analytics Tab on LinkedIn Company Page

This tab is is where you can view Visitor, Updates, and Followers analytics.  LinkedIn Pages with Career Pages (a paid feature) have access to Talent Brand analytics.

Activity Tab on LinkedIn Company Page

Linkedin company page activity tab

This tab is where you can view Reactions, Shares, Comments, Mentions, and post highlights details generated by your Page’s followers and visitors engagement.  While you will get some notifications about your company page in your LinkedIn profile notifications, we recommend you visit the activity tab at least once a week, if not more, for more detailed analytics.  You can filter by Requests, Comments, Mentions, Posts, Shares and Reactions.


Admin Tools Tab on LinkedIn Company Page

The Admin tools dropdown is a menu of options that focus on the Reach and Settings of your Page.

  • Invite connections: Invite connections to follow your Page.  Here’s how to invite connections.
  • Sponsor an update: Post and sponsor an update on your Page to engage with a specific audience.
  • Post a job: Post a job through LinkedIn.com.
  • Create a Showcase Page: Create a Showcase Page to engage followers and visitors in a brand, business unit, or initiative related to your organisation.  Please note – if you are in the early stages of growing your company page followers, we do not recommend creating a showcase page yet.
  • Manage admins: Add or remove Page Admins to maintain efficiency and clarity in your Page’s management group.
  • Edit public URL: Update your Page URL for continuity of branding.
  • Deactivate Page: LinkedIn advises that deactivating your Page can be an option if it meets certain criteria.
  • View Help Centre: Here’s where you can review information about Page Admins, member, and followers.
  • View Pages terms: Here’s where you can review the LinkedIn Pages Terms to understand your rights and responsibilities when creating and working with Pages.

You can also click the View as member button at the top of your Admin View to switch to the member view (non-Admin) of your Page. To switch back to the Admin View, click the View as Admin button at the top of the Page.

Paid Features for LinkedIn Company Pages

We encourage you to use as many of the free features available with the Linkedin company page experience as possible.  In some cases, the paid features may be relevant for your organisation. The All Pages dropdown offers access points to the following paid features:

  • My Company: Manage the Trending Coworker Content feature. LinkedIn advises that Pages for universities will see My Employer instead of My Company.
  • Jobs: Manage the jobs associated with your Page through your Career Pages (if your organisation has accessed this feature).
  • Life or What We Do: Manage the photos, testimonials, employee-written content, and more that represents your organisation through your Career Pages (if your organisation has accessed this feature).
  • Pipeline Builder: Manage your campaigns to advertise job opportunities with your organisation (if you use recruiter and your organisation has accessed this feature).
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