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4 Best Practice Tips for LinkedIn Company Page Management

by LinkedIn Company Page

Updated July 2022

This article provides 4 Best Practice Tips for LinkedIn Company Page Management.  It will help those of you who manage the LinkedIn Company Page for your organisation.  

LinkedIn Company Page management is one of my favourite topics as it’s a feature of LinkedIn that helps you create brand awareness for your organisation and educate the LinkedIn community about your culture and service offerings. While thought leadership via LinkedIn profiles is also an important part of your LinkedIn content marketing strategy, the LinkedIn Company Page features should not be overlooked as vital communication and content marketing tools to attract, acquire and engage your potential clients and employees on LinkedIn.

4 Best Practice Tips for LinkedIn Company Page Management

Here are our 4 best practice tips for LinkedIn Company Page Management to help you maximise this LinkedIn feature for your organisation or clients, as well as a reference to when it’s relevant to consider sponsored content options with LinkedIn Campaign Manager.

1. Optimise Your LinkedIn Company Page

best practice tips for linkedin company page

LinkedIn encourages you to optimise your LinkedIn Company Page for search as it is SEO-friendly. Google previews up to 156 characters of your page text, so be sure that your description leads with powerful, keyword-rich copy. On LinkedIn, members can search for companies by keyword, so include words and phrases that describe your business, expertise, and industry focus.


The key LinkedIn Company Page features to consider and include are:

  1. Add the organisation’s logo and cover image as per LinkedIn’s image size specifications
  2. Add business and tag line in title (as per picture above)
  3. Add About Us section that is consistent with your organisation’s website copy
  4. Add all relevant contact details
  5. Add 10+ specialties as they relate to your organisation
  6. Add a relevant lead gen form
  7. Add a pinned post to direct new visitors to your email list or website
  8. Make sure all current employees have the company page listed correctly
  9. Add 3 community hashtags that relate to your company page content

2. Share Engaging Content

Growing your followers takes time and will build faster if you develop a clear understanding of what followers can expect from your page and your content pillars.  Develop and document this understanding as part of your LinkedIn page strategy and include key stakeholders of your organisation.  It then becomes your criteria or guide for the type of content you share.  And remember to follow the content marketing best practice principles of the golden ratio, by providing a mix of owned, curated and promoted content.

Deciding what to post from your LinkedIn Company page will be determined by your commercial goals and content marketing plan. It may also be influenced by the resources and knowledge within your business to manage this. We recommend you post at least 3 times a week and focus on value adding content for your LinkedIn community.  LinkedIn offers a variety of content types. Consider what is relevant for your organisation and what content you already create that can be repurposed for LinkedIn. For example, if you already create a regular email marketing newsletter, consider how you could repurpose this as a LinkedIn Newsletter via your LinkedIn Page. 

best practice linkedin company page management

LinkedIn Company Page Content Considerations

As you develop your content consider the following content marketing elements:

  • Post consistently: LinkedIn recommends posting daily. This is not always realistic. Choose a minimum of 3 days a week to post and build up from this. Keep an eye on your analytics and separately record the time of day you are posting to gauge what works. Consistent posting encourages engagement and fosters familiarity. For the best times to post on LinkedIn please read this article.
  • Upgrade your visuals: Ensure you post images that meet LinkedIn’s size specifications. Read more here from LinkedIn help. LinkedIn recommends you always include an image or some type of rich media. “Images generally result in a 98% higher comment rate. Native videos (up to 10 minutes in length) are given preference by LinkedIn’s algorithms in your follower’s news feeds (at the time of writing this article).  PDF documents and polls increase viewer’s dwell time on your content, and are also worth exploring.
  • Optimise your post headlines and introductions: Speak clearly to your readers to catch their attention. LinkedIn recommends concise intros and ‘snappy’ headlines for higher engagement. I encourage you to speak directly to the ideal client / LinkedIn member you are trying to influence and contextualise the content and related call to action (e.g. a link) for them as they scroll through their LinkedIn newsfeed.
  • Add value to the reader: By being helpful and friendly your readers will get a stronger sense of your brand and how you can add value to them.  Limit overly promotional messages to approximately 10-20% of your posts and stay focused on providing value adding owned and curated content to your followers.

3. Analyse Your LinkedIn Company Page Analytics to Inform Your Content Approach

Your Company Page includes helpful analytics that show changes in the size and composition of your follower community, as well as activity on your page.  You may like to set targets for acquiring followers who match your ideal customer profile and post updates designed to attract them.  You can track followers by location, job function, seniority, industry and company size. You can no longer see your specific company page followers.  If you’re new to Company Page analytics, please read our beginner’s guide here.

best practice tips for linkedin company page

Depending on your content goals, you may also like to set engagement targets, and monitor the referral traffic coming from LinkedIn in your website’s Google analytics.

Your Analytics page displays monthly engagement metrics for all your posts collectively. Test and measure your content to help guide the type of updates that are having an impact on your readers. Below is an example of Think Bespoke’s company page analytics which we review regularly to guide us on the type of content our followers are engaging with.

best practice tips for company pge

4. Invite Connections to Follow Your LinkedIn Company Page

Inviting your connections to follow your LinkedIn Company Page is a great way to increase your followers. At the time of writing this update, LinkedIn is allowing you to invite 100 connections per month to follow your LinkedIn company page. You must be an Admin of your LinkedIn Company Page to access this feature.

Invite connections to follow company page

Read more about this feature here.

Sponsoring Your LinkedIn Content – Paid LinkedIn Ads

how to drive brand awareness with linkedin advertising

Sponsoring your content is a paid advertising feature to promote your LinkedIn Company Page posts to LinkedIn members who do not currently follow your LinkedIn Company Page.

The Sponsored Content LinkedIn Advertising option is my favourite form of LinkedIn advertising as it allows our clients to provide value adding content from their LinkedIn Company Page to a very targeted audience on LinkedIn. It is only effective if you meet our best practice criteria for sponsoring content, and this relies on a well thought out landing page, opt in offer, strong visuals and clear client targeting to be effective.

Here’s how Sponsored Content works, according to LinkedIn’s handy branding guide mentioned earlier:

  • Sponsored Content delivers your brand’s content in the LinkedIn newsfeed, which is exactly where LinkedIn members look to stay informed on topics that matter most to them as professionals, including through genuinely helpful content from brands.
  • Your content will appear as an update in the feed of your target audience, on smartphone, tablet and desktop.
  • You can publish directly in the LinkedIn newsfeed, tailoring content to different audiences, testing variations and leveraging your brand assets as part of an always on campaign.
    A proven Sponsored Content strategy is to use your budget to back Company Page updates that are already driving strong organic engagement amongst your followers.
  • Extending the reach of this proven content to new audiences will dramatically increase its impact on brand awareness.
Karen Hollenbach

Karen Hollenbach

As the Founding Director of Think Bespoke I help individuals and organisations unlock their potential with LinkedIn. Sign up to my E-insights for LinkedIn tips.

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