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4 steps to improve your job search results

If you are thinking about your next career move, you need to be proactive and dedicate some thinking time to better understanding the key elements of a successful job search strategy. Your job search and the approach you take with exploring new opportunities is a critical element of your success. The key elements of your job search need to […]

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Believe in yourself

I met quite an inspiring CEO of an educational training organisation last week.  She has at least 10 years ahead of me in mentoring experience and had 3 key stories she kindly shared with me over lunch.  It was a women in business lunch and, folks, these power events can be scary. So it was […]

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6 Tips for a Healthy Resume

If you are considering updating your resume, or just wondering how effective your current approach to applying for jobs is, here are some tips to check the health of your resume and approach.   1. Every opportunity requires a revised resume   You should have a master resume which captures all of your work experience […]

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