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LinkedIn Profile Essentials Online Course

LinkedIn Profile Essentials

Managing your professional reputation online means having a LinkedIn Profile that tells your story properly

We want you to have the knowledge to write a LinkedIn profile that presents the best version of your professional self.

We know it’s hard to write about yourself

That’s why we’ve packed the insights of our LinkedIn expert, Karen Hollenbach, into this online course.  Having written 100s LinkedIn Profiles and trained 1000s professionals, you can access Karen’s handy tips and know-how in this course.

In this online course Karen guides you through how to write your LinkedIn Profile.

Enjoy easy to follow bite sized modules

Complete this course in one sitting or chip away at the key sections of your profile you need to update right now.

Get 12 months access

When LinkedIn updates a profile feature we’ll let you know.

E. Gamble

“Think Bespoke is an extremely professional service. Karen is knowledgeable and skilled in all things LinkedIn. Thank you very much for your guidance, Karen. I really appreciate it, and recommend others seek out Think Bespoke.”

Bree Cleal

“I was very happy with the final profile copy and the subsequent set-up of a new LinkedIn profile. Thank you Karen!”

Katie Hokin

“Karen gave me full permission to be myself. I now love my profile and how I represent myself instead of feeling like I have to conform to the perception that’s it’s only a professional platform.”

“What do I get with this course?” we hear you ask

Profile Essentials is entirely online, and taught through self-paced videos, downloads and written instructions

You get a very encouraging welcome video from our LinkedIn expert, Karen Hollenbach, and exclusive access to her bite sized training modules with a blend of:

  • videos (yep, with Karen)
  • step-by-step lessons (let’s imagine this is like virtual hand holding to make you feel supported)
  • examples of LinkedIn profile sections written for other professionals (these are SO handy and can be cut and pasted)
  • knowledge articles (because some over achievers like to know EVERYTHING, so we’ve got you covered)

Our LinkedIn Profile Optimiser template helps draft your Profile before going live on LinkedIn

This is a favourite and helps reduce the fear of letting your whole network know you’re tinkering on your LinkedIn Profile.

12 Months Access

You get a 12 months all access pass to the course.  If LinkedIn adds a new feature, we’ll let you know.

Certificate of Completion

Enjoy a humble brag when you’ve completed the modules and added your Course Certificate to your LinkedIn Profile.

Get Online Access to Karen

Submit your updated LinkedIn Profile for a review from our LinkedIn expert, Karen Hollenbach.

How the LinkedIn Profile Essentials Course Works

“Is this suitable for me?” Great question!

Whether you’re a job seeker, business leader or start up, this course takes the guesswork out of presenting the best version of your professional self on LinkedIn.

Get access to different LinkedIn profile features

We’ll show you which features are right for you, based on our unique goal setting exercise.

Let’s check if one of these sentences describes you

You’ve been reluctant to be more active on LinkedIn because you’re not proud of your profile and it’s time to change this.

You’ve stopped accepting invites to connect until your profile represents you properly.

You’re about to start looking for a new job and know that recruiters and hiring managers will be looking you up on LinkedIn when they receive your job application.

You know LinkedIn is where your clients and referrers hang out these days.

You’ve been wasting time on social media and LinkedIn is where you want to spend more time.


Work at your own pace

Learn how to write your LinkedIn Profile.

Learn the LinkedIn profile features suitable for you.

Take your professional presence to the next level.

Damian North

“Karen’s service was both professional and timely, and I found her manner to be positive and reassuring as we worked to tell my professional story through my LinkedIn profile. I highly recommend her services.”

Lisa Cunningham

“Karen delivers information in a clear and interesting way with lots of actual examples to make understanding the process of improving the LinkedIn experience easier to navigate. Very approachable and all the access to articles and information is a great help once the session has completed.”

Ann Pocock

“Karen helped make a big difference to my profile and LI presence. She’s a gem to work with and sees things beyond what you can see yourself.”