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in the media with Karen Hollenbach

Karen Hollenbach, our resident LinkedIn Expert Consultant, is regularly invited to provide her perspective in the media. Here’s some of the articles, podcast and radio interviews with Karen as a guest contributor.


Middle-aged, Middle-class and Underemployed

In this Good Weekend article, Stephanie Wood interviewed Karen about her perspective on the performative nature of LinkedIn as a deterrent for some professionals. Karen is quoted in the article as saying:

Unless people are willing to embrace things like their LinkedIn profile, they’re potentially going to get overlooked by less talented but more digitally savvy extroverts who self-promote.

You may or may not be able to read the full article below (The Age, SMH and Good Weekend now gate their content).

in the media karen hollenbach

How to Get Started with a Content Marketing Plan for LinkedIn

Have you been planning to spend more time on LinkedIn for your business? To help you maximise LinkedIn, here are the five steps I recommend you consider to develop a content marketing plan for LinkedIn.

RCSA L&D trainer Karen Hollenbach gets you linked up with LinkedIn

Unlike other social media platforms, where people are free to upload various content, LinkedIn has its own etiquette and, when used to its full potential, can unlock opportunities for both candidates and recruiters.

How to connect on LinkedIn

Karen chats with Carrie and Lucy about how women can build meaningful relationships on LinkedIn and understand the value of your time and how to maximise it.

How to write a newsletter on LinkedIn in six easy to follow steps!

Once an exclusive feature, the option to write a LinkedIn newsletter is now available via the LinkedIn Profile for all LinkedIn members who have activated Creator Mode. Karen Hollenbach explains how to make the most of this feature.

In the media karen hollenbach


Your 24/7 Ambassador | Make LinkedIn work for you with Karen Hollenbach

Karen is the first non-lawyer to feature in the Friends in Law podcast because her insights into this powerful platform are helpful no matter what age or stage your legal profession is at. As a LinkedIn specialist, Karen Hollenbach says the platform is so much more than Facebook for professionals and refutes that it’s even part of the social media cohort.

It can be a fantastic source of information, a place to learn, a place to stay connected, a place to be found and a place to manage your online reputation.

in the media karen hollenbach

Building a brand on LinkedIn with Karen Hollenbach

In this episode Karen offers a unique perspective to help individuals and organisations use LinkedIn better to achieve their professional goals. We chat about whether it is the right channel for every business and how to get started with ‘putting yourself out there’. Karen shares her insights into thoughts on showing up meaningful and the importance of patience as well as leaning into what feels right.

Building a brand on LinkedIn with Karen Hollenbach

The power of LinkedIn – how to go from beginner to all-star

Maybe you’re like Emma and have ‘create a LinkedIn account’ on your to do list, maybe your profile is gathering dust, or maybe you want to know how to get the MOST out of LinkedIn. To help you out, we talk to Karen Hollenbach who is known as the LinkedIn Lady – in fact she was rated as APAC’s Top 10 LinkedIn Experts in 2019!

We talk about why you DEFINITELY need to get on LinkedIn, how to set up and create your profile, and give you practical strategies to get you noticed, and grow your network.

Optimising your LinkedIn Profile as a Candidate

In this episode of the 2 Recruiters 1 Mic podcast, Karen Hollenbach joins Deon and Gary to talk to candidates about how to optimise your LinkedIn profile. 

How to boost your LinkedIn strategy

We discuss the benefits of LinkedIn vs Facebook/Instagram, the questions to ask yourself BEFORE posting on LinkedIn and the difference between a personal profile vs company profile.

CEO Briefing LinkedIn Expert: Karen Hollenbach

Karen shares her advice on what CEOs need to know to run a thriving business, in terms of LinkedIn.

How to leverage LinkedIn in lockdown

A really fun, honest and insightful rooftop talk with the One Roof team.  Watch this video to learn how to tend to your LinkedIn garden, how to leverage it to drive new leads, sales or find new work and some of the best new features at the moment.


Evenings with Bern Young Show | ABC Radio

Karen Hollenbach was interviewed on the Evenings with Bern Young show on ABC Radio on Monday 2 January 2023.

Click the link below to download a copy of  the audio.

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