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How to Attract Staff to Your Organisation by Leveraging LinkedIn Page Features

by LinkedIn Training

In this article we explore how to attract staff to your organisation by leveraging LinkedIn page features. If you are an employer looking to gain a competitive advantage, you can use their LinkedIn company page to help attract talent. Read on for tips and best practice examples.

We keep hearing that it’s hard to find good talent. When you do advertise a role, or make use of a specialist recruiter, potential candidates now have a wealth of resources they can take advantage of to research your company online. They will visit your website, google your business name to see mentions of you in the media or industry news and many will visit your LinkedIn company page to see who is working there and what they have to say about it!

One thing you can do as an organisation is to present the best version of your company online to attract the best talent. You can make use of your online assets to reflect your company values, mission, and employee value proposition. You can highlight your staff achievements, milestones and celebrate company success. You can demonstrate how you deliver value to your community and what it is like to work for you.

Why a Strong Employee Value Proposition is Important

An employee value proposition reflects the unique cultural experience and associated benefits enjoyed by the staff who work at your company. A strong EVP will help you retain talent and attract people to your company. It ensures that staff understand what they are working towards, the problems they are solving and who they are helping. It offers a real understanding of what it is like to work for your company on a day-to-day basis.

Your EVP needs to be communicated consistently at every opportunity. Your website, LinkedIn company page and all communications material should be lined up to attract the people you want to work for you. A strong EVP needs to be embedded into company policies, job advertisements, induction programs, training and development programs and other internal communications.

In a world where real time social media commentary about your company is commonplace amongst employees, clients, suppliers and competitors, it is more important than ever to do what you can to control the message being seen by potential employees. Your EVP needs to be authentic, real, and demonstrable.

How to Attract Staff to Your Organisation by Leveraging LinkedIn Page Features

Demonstrate your organisation’s EVP on LinkedIn

Take a moment to have a look at your LinkedIn company page and see how many employees have active profiles and how many connections they have. This is the potential audience that you could be leveraging to help organically attract talent to your brand, especially if your team are active on LinkedIn and engage regularly with your company page updates, showcasing the great place they work!

Showcase Your Organisation with a Variety of Content on LinkedIn

By making use of the available features on LinkedIn and using strong imagery, video and copy, you can present your brand in a professional and compelling manner. You make your company culture and EVP visible. Here are five examples from LinkedIn for how to do this well.

LinkedIn Page Newsletter: Company News

Showcase your company’s updates in a monthly newsletter.

Build subscribers and showcase the positive contribution your organisation and team are making to the communities you serve.

LinkedIn Page Features

Video Content Showcasing Your Policies

Showcase your company’s policies in short videos. Here’s an example LinkedIn shared about updates to make it easier to understand the actions it takes to protect members from unwanted romantic advances. LinkedIn Page Features

PDF Documents Showcasing Topics and EventsYour Organisation Supports

Showcase the commitments your organisation is making to particular causes. Here’s an example LinkedIn shared about 27th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27) in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt showcasing what the ‘Aussie Green experts’ believe we should be talking about in the world of work.. #GreenerTogether LinkedIn Page Features

Branded Imagery for Relatable Content

In this lighter post, LinkedIn injects some humour, with some suitable ‘on brand’ colours, with this highly shared post and image. LinkedIn Page Features

Post polls encouraging votes, comments and re-posts

Encourage your team and your community to vote in and comment on your company page polls. Here’s an example LinkedIn about the relatable ‘mental block’ experienced by most professionals. LinkedIn Page Features

Amplifying the Message

By consistently delivering a clear message that articulates your EVP, optimising all features of your LinkedIn page, using strong imagery that reflects your companies values and culture and empowering your employees to amplify your message you can make your brand stand out online to potential employees.

Like anything worth doing, there is some time and effort involved. Make sure your LinkedIn page admins are across the ever evolving page optimisation, content features and employee engagement tools available via your company page, including:

Employee Notifications: As a LinkedIn Page Admin, you can let your employees know when you’ve posted an important post on your organisation’s Page using Employee Notifications. Employees are members who’ve listed your organisation’s Page in the Work Experience portion of their profile. Find out more here.

Workplace Policy Feature: As a LinkedIn Page super admin, you can add a workplace policy to the About section of your Page. With the shift to remote and hybrid work, organisations can now showcase, via the LinkedIn company page experience, the workplace policies help job seekers understand your company’s guidelines for remote, hybrid, or on-site work. Find out more here.

Featured Commitments: Think ‘organisational values’, this new feature is rolling out as you read this. You can add a section to your company page that allows you to showcase values along with more meaningful content, including reports, certifications, articles, blogs, and videos. Members can easily view these commitments and the documentation provided by each company to assess authenticity. Members will also be able to search for companies with relevant commitments in their job search. Find out more here.

LinkedIn Life Careers feature: This offers larger organisations some ‘next level’ opportunities to amplify the messages of team members, including trending employee content. LinkedIn Pages that are enhanced with Career Pages offer a Life tab or What We Do tab that offers a look into an organisation’s culture and employee life. Find out more here.

Employee Verification Tool: As a LinkedIn Page super admin, you can add or remove email domains (such as @yourcompany.com) to your Page. Public domains like Keding Enterprises Co., Ltd (KD Panels).com aren’t supported. Employees can use approved emails to verify their employment in order to access the My Company tab or post a job. You can’t remove your Page’s default verified email domain. Find out more here.

Karen Hollenbach, LinkedIn Expert Consultant, Educator & Mentor

Karen Hollenbach, LinkedIn Expert Consultant, Educator & Mentor

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