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How to Add an Audio Recording to Your LinkedIn Profile

by LinkedIn Training

In this article you will learn how to how to use the new audio recording feature that allows you to pronounce your name and display it on your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn’s released a new audio recording feature that allows you to record a 10 second message that is housed next to your name on your LinkedIn profile.  We’ve seen it on both the App and on the desktop version of LinkedIn, but LinkedIn advises it can only be accessed through the LinkedIn iOS/Android mobile app.

This feature was launched by LinkedIn at the start of July 2020.  I first discovered it when a colleague, Steve, messaged me about this ‘cool new feature’. He is an innovator and always jumps on new things. He’s also a recruiter, so decided to record an audio message to pronounce his name AND provide his mobile number.

You can listen to Steve’s recording here

The Benefits of Recording a Message on Your LinkedIn Profile

This new audio recording feature gives you the ability to create a recording of your name pronunciation, which will then be clickable on your profile.

Once you add a recording, other members visiting your profile (who also have this feature available) can listen to the recorded message to learn how to correctly pronounce your name.  This will help LinkedIn members pronounce each others name correctly, and correctly address each other when they meet offline or speak in person.

When I shared the news of this update via my LinkedIn Profile, here’s some of the feedback from my community about this feature:

“It’s a brilliant idea. So much of my work is online, and I find it really handy to be able to look people up and at least have an idea of what they look like. Now I can also not screw up saying their name.” Fiona Brand | Creative Director & Founder, Brand by Name

Two people I have seen use this feature so far have turned it into a sales pitch, so I will be interested to see how the more creative LinkedIn members will use this feature to help them stand out on LinkedIn.

How to Record and Display Your Name Pronunciation on Your Profile

If you have this symbol next to your name on your LinkedIn Profile, then you can record how to pronounce your name and display it on your LinkedIn profile for others to listen to.

LinkedIn suggests the following while recording the audio:

  • Make sure that the total recording time is within 10 seconds
  • Limit background noise
  • Speak slowly and pronounce each syllable clearly
  • Hold the phone about four inches from your mouth

Also note that if you’ve chosen for your last name to only appear to your connections, then while selecting name pronunciation visibility, you’ll be notified through a ‘Name display restriction’ pop-up.

Karen Hollenbach, LinkedIn Expert Consultant, Educator & Mentor

Karen Hollenbach, LinkedIn Expert Consultant, Educator & Mentor

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