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How to Access and Leverage the Who’s Viewed My LinkedIn Profile Feature

by LinkedIn Profile, LinkedIn Training

In this article we explore how to access and leverage the who’s viewed my LinkedIn profile feature. It’s a very handy feature, but only LinkedIn Premium members can see more than five specific LinkedIn members who’ve viewed their profile in the last 90 days, who are not in private (anonymous viewing) mode.

Your LinkedIn profile can be viewed by other LinkedIn members. Some of your profile can also be viewed without the viewer being logged into LinkedIn. To see the specific LinkedIn profile of other LinkedIn members who’ve viewed your profile, there are four conditions that must be met:

  1. They are logged into LinkedIn when they view your LinkedIn profile
  2. They have their profile viewing options set to visible
  3. Someone has viewed your profile in the last 90 days.

You won’t see this information if you haven’t had any profile views in the past 90 days. Also, viewing timeframes may vary over time and as people view your profile. When possible, LinkedIn tries to display a minimum of five views over any timeframe. Specific viewer insights are only available to LinkedIn’s Premium subscribers, and they are subject to the viewer’s privacy settings.

How to Access and Leverage the Who’s Viewed My LinkedIn Profile Feature

  1. Click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage, then View Profile.
  2. Scroll down to the Analytics section and click [Number] profile views to access the Who’s viewed your profile page.

Who’s Viewed Your Profile Features with a Basic (free) LinkedIn Account

If you have a free LinkedIn Membership and you have set your profile viewing options to display your name and headline when viewing profiles see the 5 most recent viewers in the last 90 days. The list displays viewer insights such as where your profile viewers work, where they found you from and their job titles.

Who’s Viewed Your Profile Features with a Premium (paid) Account

If you have a premium account and you have set your profile viewing options to display your name and headline when viewing profiles, you can see everyone who’s viewed your profile recently.

However, if a LinkedIn member choose to be anonymous when they view your profile, you can not identify them (LinkedIn reports around 60% of members choose this option).

How to Leverage the Who’s Viewed My LinkedIn Profile Feature

You can take the following actions with members who have viewed your profile, from the Who’s Viewed Your Profile page:

  • If the viewer is a 1st-degree connection, you can click on their profile picture to navigate to their profile, and then click Message to send them a message.
  • If the viewer is a 2nd or 3rd degree connection, you can click Connect to send them an invitation to connect. You can also click their photo to see their profile.
  • If the viewer is a 3rd-degree connection, you can send the member an InMail. Note: If the member has chosen to opt out of receiving InMails, then you still have the option to click Connect.
  • If you only see semi-private information such as their job title or industry, you can click the information shown, which will re-direct you to a Search link. This will run a search based on that information for LinkedIn members who share that information.
  • If the member is browsing in private mode, you can’t take any action. Learn more about Who’s Viewed Your Profile privacy settings.

With a LinkedIn Premium account you’ll have the following Who’s viewed your profile features:

  • Filter viewer data by time range and/or demographics: Select the Filters above the graph to filter your data by Date range (set at 90 days by default). You can also filter by Company, Industry, or Location. Select All Filters to filter using additional insights and demographic data.

  • View weekly viewer trend graph: You can place your cursor or tap on data points across the graph to see viewer insights for a particular week.

  • Get personalised skill suggestions: Select Get key skill suggestions below the graph to get personalised recommendations for relevant skills to add to your profile related to a desired job or role.

  • View Interesting viewers: Turning Interesting viewers on will show you notable profile viewers. For example, senior leaders in your industry, recruiters, or job posters at companies where you recently applied for or saved a job, and people who work at companies you follow. On LinkedIn desktop, you can select All filters at the top of the page and from the Filters pop-up window scroll down to Interesting viewers to turn it On or Off. On the LinkedIn mobile app, you can swipe on the filters and tap on Interesting viewers to turn it On or Off.

View Highlights: View top locations, industries, and companies of people who viewed your profile. The consolidated details of these people are displayed in the Details section below. You can select the Dropdown under the Details section to filter by CompaniesIndustries, or Locations.

Image by Quentin Lagache

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Karen Hollenbach, LinkedIn Expert Consultant, Educator & Mentor

Karen Hollenbach, LinkedIn Expert Consultant, Educator & Mentor

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