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How to Publish Articles as Your LinkedIn Page

by LinkedIn Company Page

In this article you will learn how to publish LinkedIn articles from your LinkedIn page.

How to Publish articles as your LinkedIn Page:

1. Access your Page Super or Content Admin view.

The rest of the steps are similar to writing a LinkedIn article from your LinkedIn profile.

You will see a screen similar to this, with your company page logo nestled under the Headline.

Click the Write here field to type the content of your article.

Choosing Headline, Image and LinkedIn Article Topics

The decisions you make about how you approach each element of your LinkedIn article will depend on whether you are repurposing the article from your blog website or writing a new piece for your LinkedIn article, because you’ve already done most of this thinking if you’ve already written this as an article on your blog.

When publishing LinkedIn articles (and blog posts for that matter) your image, headline and what you write about are equally as important. I encourage you to take the time it takes to do all 3 of these features well!

  • Headline: Use any one of the headline checkers available from CoScheduleSharethrough, or even consider the Hubspot Blog Ideas Generator for 5 free blog topic ideas
  • Style of Article: Problogger suggests these 52 Types of Blog Posts that are Proven to Work (note the word ‘blog’ here can also mean ‘LinkedIn article’. My personal favourites are How To articles, but that’s based on a well thought out LinkedIn content strategy that’s relevant to my business, Think Bespoke, and may / may not be relevant for you.
  • Adding Images/Video: You also have the option to add a variety of different content throughout the article, and it’s good to break up your text with headings and images. When choosing images, make sure you are allowed to use them. You can purchase images from a variety of digital libraries. Take the time to consider how your image and headline choice help convey topic you are exploring in your LinkedIn article, as this will improve the likelihood that people will click on it when they see it in their LinkedIn newsfeed. You can also embed video and links within your LinkedIn article and LinkedIn will automatically save as you write and edit.

Your article draft shows you how the published version will look. You can now send a link to others to view the draft, before publishing your LinkedIn article.

Once you’ve written your article and added these elements, it’s time to click publish.

Frequency of Publishing LinkedIn Articles

If you wish to publish LinkedIn Articles I encourage you to be consistent and have a plan. Consider how posting LinkedIn articles will blend into your organisation’s overall content marketing strategy to help you reach your commercial goals for your business.

I’ve tended to post either a LinkedIn article once every month or so from my profile and will do the same from the company page with this new feature. Blog posts and LinkedIn articles are a key part of an overall content plan, will help drive traffic to your company page and should be well thought out in terms of what your organisation wants to be known for and who you’re trying to influence on LinkedIn.

What to Consider When Publishing Your LinkedIn Article

There’s been a lot written about the best length for LinkedIn articles, how to approach the headline, how many pictures to include and lots more! If you regularly write a blog over on your website, the principles of writing a LinkedIn article are mostly the same. The one main difference is the article length. In some research, LinkedIn articles that perform well are over 2000+ words.

Re-purposing Your Blog Article as a LinkedIn Article

If you are familiar with the blog function insider your website, the LinkedIn Article feature may have a number of similarities, including the feature image and headline. Some people are concerned that replicating the article word for word from their blog to LinkedIn will somehow penalise them in search. There may be some truth to this. If you are concerned, publish it from your website as blog first. I do this for most of the blog articles I also publish as LinkedIn articles, but encourage you not to lose too much sleep over this.

My highest performing LinkedIn article is How to Browse Profiles Anonymously. It was published in May, 2017 and still receives a like most weeks. When you type ‘How to Browse LinkedIn Profiles Anonymously’ into a Google search, this is what comes up on page 1.

If you are re-purposing a blog article as a LinkedIn article, write with the style that’s suitable for your audience, and re-word parts of the blog post when re-purposing it as a LinkedIn article if it makes sense to do so. As my LinkedIn article example shows, the reality is that the sheer size and activity that occurs on the LinkedIn website will be higher than your website, so a LinkedIn article with the same headline and content will be found on LinkedIn first.  Here’s what Google says about creating duplicate content.

LinkedIn Articles to Inspire You to Get Writing

Get inspired by these LinkedIn profile articles that have had over 1,200,000 views each (and that’s number 20!) in Hubspot’s Top 20 LinkedIn Pulse Articles of All Time. Two of the LinkedIn members on this list include Travis Bradberry and Bernard Marr, who you may already be familiar with.

Karen Hollenbach

Karen Hollenbach

As the Founding Director of Think Bespoke I help individuals and organisations unlock their potential with LinkedIn. Sign up to my E-insights for LinkedIn tips.

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