Watch This Video: 4 Ways to Grow Your Australian Business Using Linkedin

The question I am most asked about LinkedIn is ‘How can it help my business?’.

Hello, my name is Karen Hollenbach and I take a tailored approach to LinkedIn by showing the individuals and organisations I serve how to leverage LinkedIn for their specific goals. This means my answer will often start with ‘It depends what you want to be known for, and who you are trying to influence when you are on LinkedIn’.

Am I describing how you feel about LinkedIn for business?

But here’s the interesting thing. Many people either haven’t given this much thought and so have not had the success they’d hoped for with LinkedIn (probably because their LinkedIn Profile is under-representing them, or worst, they are being salesy on LinkedIn) or they have given this idea too much thought and it’s stopped them from taking any action.

Well, the good news is that I’ve decide to publish a recent webinar I did for business owners wanting to know how they can use LinkedIn to help grow their business. In this webinar you will learn that there are in fact 4 key ways to grow your business using LinkedIn and it does not start with the paid features of LinkedIn Premium and advanced search.

If you’d like to use LinkedIn as a more powerful tool within your business, watching this video, listening to my practical tips and hearing me answer the participants questions at the end is the place to start.

As you listen to my unique approach to LinkedIn for Australian businesses you will also get a strong sense of my style and approach to training and coaching. At Think Bespoke we believe in good manners, treating people with respect and that everyone wants you to be successful!

This means that if you are looking for quick ways to grow your list and sell your service, our approach is not for you. We’re interested in working with values based organisations who genuinely want to make the world a better place. You believe in building relationships, trust and the power of collaboration to help grow your business and achieve results.

How to Grow Your Australian Business with LinkedIn

This one hour webinar covers six essential areas for LinkedIn including:

    • Introduction – The LinkedIn Journey based on the 100s of people I’ve coached and trained with LinkedIn

    • Finding Your Voice & Telling Your Story on LinkedIn

    • Building Your Brand on LinkedIn

    • Growing Your Network on LinkedIn

    • Capturing Leads on LinkedIn

    • Open Forum – Questions from Business Owners Answered

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Once you’ve watched this webinar and listened to my insights, please check back in and let me know what you think and how this has helped you better understand how to use LinkedIn for your business.

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