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Welcome to Think Bespoke – the home for individuals and organisations wanting to improve their presence on LinkedIn and learn how to develop a stronger professional brand.

Do You Dream of Achieving Greater Results?

If you dream of achieving greater results in your professional life and want to learn how to use LinkedIn for your business or career, then you are in the right place.  Think Bespoke is all about helping values based individuals and organisations who want to make the world a better place and reach their full potential.

We teach Australians how to maximise the key features of LinkedIn for their business and career and know that sometimes you need to do some work before you’re ready to launch yourself on LinkedIn. We’ll help you develop a stronger professional brand so you can maximise your time online and achieve your professional goals faster when you are on LinkedIn.

How Can We Help You?

Most new visitors to Think Bespoke come with the desire to improve their knowledge of how to use LinkedIn for their Business or Career. As a result, we’ve featured 4 portals to help you find the content that best suits your need. Please click on the icon that matches the resources you’re after.

Individual LinkedIn Strategy

Learn the key ways you can use LinkedIn and improve your personal brand online.

Organisational LinkedIn Strategy

Browse our helpful resources to guide you through how to maximise some of the key features LinkedIn offers.

Mid Career Planning

Browse our helpful resources and map out a plan to achieve the success and happiness you deserve.

Content Marketing Solutions

Browse our collection of articles and resources designed to inform your approach to content marketing.

I trust that you’ll find Think Bespoke to be a useful resource for you in your LinkedIn and professional journey.

Please feel free to join in on the conversations happening around the site in our comments section and drop me a note any time on our social media pages – I’m particularly active on LinkedIn and Instagram and look forward to connecting.

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