Webinar: How to Unlock LinkedIn for Business


This is an introductory webinar designed for those of you who want to better understand how to use LinkedIn for yours or your client’s business. This online training is suitable if you are responsible for the LinkedIn presence for your organisation but are not sure where to start! In this webinar Karen shows you the 4 key ways you can grow your business with LinkedIn, covering how LinkedIn works and an introduction to personal branding, organisational branding and networking etiquette on LinkedIn.

Karen’s approach is based on content marketing and relationship building principles.

This online training will help you finally unlock LinkedIn so you can leverage the free and paid features to get more of the clients you deserve.

Feedback we received from this live recording is that it helped people finally understand how to use LinkedIn. Enjoy the Bonus Q&A with Karen Hollenbach at the end of the recording with questions from business owners who are ready to unlock LinkedIn.