LinkedIn Company Page Essentials



This online course provides video tutorials and my downloadable 7 steps guide to developing a LinkedIn company page follower strategy. If you’d like to learn how to set up a company page or want to develop a content marketing plan for your company page and implement a follower strategy, this online course is for you!

This course includes:

  • Company Page Background & How to Decide If Your Organisation Needs a Company Page
  • Video Tutorial explaining the benefits of a Company Page, how to set it up and some of the key features
  • Video Tutorial & Step by Step Guide for a Company Page Follower Strategy
  • Further Reading about Building Your Community on LinkedIn with a Company Page


LinkedIn Company Page Background, Benefits, Navigation Essentials

If you have a Business to Business (B2B) focus or target professionals, then your presence on LinkedIn is a critical part of your content marketing strategy to attract, acquire and engage your business community.

A LinkedIn Company Page can play a role for both your clients and colleagues who refer your business services.


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