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Reset Your Compass

We help mid career professionals rediscover their strengths and unique self.

If you are feeling

  • Unhappy
  • Dissatisfied
  • Confused
  • Not sure of your next step

We can help you navigate change in a simple, practical, easy to digest and friendly format. Our unique set of tools are an enabler to help your career move in the right direction.

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How We Can Help You

  • Taking your job to a new level
  • Negotiation and promotion within current organization
  • Change direction in industry or role
  • Moving sideways
  • Redundancy planning
  • Stepping out into a New Job and New Industry


Want to Move into Business?

We can also help guide and mentor you through the steps to moving into owning your own business.

Find out more at the “Is Small Business For You” Workshop.

Commencing September 23rd from 6pm

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