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LinkedIn Strategic Content Framework Case Study

by LinkedIn Marketing, LinkedIn Training

In this article we share a LinkedIn strategic content framework case study about the strategic consulting service we provide to B2B and professional services clients and how they maximised their time on LinkedIn with a series of rituals.

​In late 2021 Think Bespoke was engaged by In2 Project Management, who have since rebranded to Go True North, to help them with their LinkedIn strategy. Go True North are established business consultants and lean practitioners who help organisations and business owners improve their business performance, They offer services primarily geared to business. As a part of their growth strategy, they identified  they were missing a crucial opportunity to educate and connect with more business clients. They were missing the biggest opportunity for B2B and professional services organisations, the highest performing platform for organic reach and conversations and connections – LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Strategic Content Framework Case Study

As part of our strategic consulting engagement, Think Bespoke delivered a Strategic Content Framework. This process is delivered over 3 hours of intensive workshops with key members of a business team and concludes with a comprehensive 40+ page report. It delves into your key ideal clients, discovers your key messages, assesses the content pillars your business should be focused on and helps you build a comprehensive content plan for LinkedIn.

Having a consistent approach and a targeted content strategy for LinkedIn, over time, helps you to build brand awareness, capture potential leads for further conversations and enables you to educate your community about your expertise, client experiences and your unique service proposition.

The Go True North team were in the process of rebranding and developing a new website, so the timing of the workshops worked well in terms of feeding key messages for ideal clients into these new brand assets. As business process improvement consultants the team uses lean methodologies to help streamline businesses for greater productivity and growth. They work with businesses of all sizes and multiple industries across Australia, providing a range of services to support organisational performance, including business process improvement solutions and continuous improvement solutions.

Implementing the LinkedIn Strategic Content Framework

The key to success when implementing their LinkedIn strategic content framework is the development of LinkedIn rituals and protocols. For teams who have highly demanding roles, we recommend specific LinkedIn rituals are worked through and allocated to specific duties for the most relevant team members. As a result of the LinkedIn strategic content framework engagement, and some ongoing mentoring with our resident LinkedIn Expert Consultant, Karen Hollenbach, Go True North took the tools Think Bespoke delivered and embedded them into daily, weekly, and monthly rituals.

Daily Rituals to Implement the LinkedIn Strategic Content Framework

These are the daily* rituals Neil adopted to implement the LinkedIn strategic content framework:

  • Send personalised invitations to connect to targeted individuals, from relevant industries with a focus on their ideal clients.
  • Respond to invitations to connect with templated responses encouraging further action such as to book a discovery call, to read a cornerstone piece of content, follow their company page or to subscribe to their company newsletter.
  • Check profile views and determine whether further action is needed (e.g. start a conversation via LinkedIn messaging).
  • Review newsfeed and like, comment on, and re-post relevant updates.

Neil confirms that he can see that the quality of connections he is developing on LinkedIn has improved as a. result of consistently following these rituals. He has found that other business improvement experts have begun to follow him, and he has also found himself in conversations with other respected experts in the lean consulting and business improvement space on LinkedIn. This has raised his profile and increased his credibility online. The connections he is developing are not just potential clients but also potential collaborators and referrers.

*Daily can mean at least 3 days across your working week, it does not mean every single day of the week. It helps you maximise your time on LinkedIn, rather than scrolling  without any clear intention for what you’re trying to achieve.

Weekly Rituals to Implement the LinkedIn Strategic Content Framework

These are the weekly rituals Neil adopted to implement the LinkedIn strategic content framework:

  • Post value adding original and curated content via Go True North’s company page and team’s LinkedIn profiles.
  • Monitor LinkedIn profile and page analytics for post performance so they can repeat what works well.
  • Track inbound calls where they are attributed to LinkedIn. At this early stage these have been low volume but high quality. With limited time due to the growth of the business, Neil is also exploring the role of lead generation experts to help with this step.

Monthly Rituals to Implement the LinkedIn Strategic Content Framework

These are the monthly rituals Neil adopted to implement the LinkedIn strategic content framework:

  • Curate content relevant to their ideal clients via Feedly.*
  • Schedule original and curated content with value adding commentary to our LinkedIn company page and profiles using the scheduling tool Buffer.
  • Monitoring referral traffic to their website as delivered by LinkedIn

* Feedly lets you get the news you want all in one place. It’s a cloud based tool, so once you’re signed in, you can access your Feedly from all your computers, iOS, Android and Kindle Fire devices.

Reflections on the LinkedIn Strategic Content Framework

When we asked Neil how he feels about LinkedIn prior to engaging with us, and since developing the LinkedIn Strategic Content Framework with us, this is what he said.

I felt it was a social sharing platform rather than a marketing tool. There was a lot of content and a lot of people sharing but I felt it was a bit like Facebook. I have changed my perspective and can see via our own results how it can deliver brand awareness and warm leads. The key was developing a content plan based on our ideal customers there are millions of them out there and now we can use the platform for our advantage. LinkedIn has become a really strong tool for our business.

Go True North has taken the Think Bespoke Content planner and adapted it to meet their own processes. They are using it to plan a full year of content. They found the planner gave them a simplified structure and a process to follow when planning their content. It took out the overwhelm. The content plan also clearly involved the team leveraging their own profiles which has helped bring everyone on board.

They also plan to feed the key information from the LinkedIn Strategic Content Framework into their regular strategic planning process. Go True North took the tools we shared with them, such as Buffer* for content scheduling and Feedly for content curation and have saved themselves time using these for content creation and development. They have cleansed their news feeds so that they are as targeted as they can be towards their ideal clients and areas of expertise. This has helped make LinkedIn a more enjoyable experience.

One of the key benefits of this process is they’ve overcome their fear relating to how much effort would be involved in leveraging LinkedIn for business properly and are well on their way in building an audience of ideal clients, collaborators and referrers.

But enough about us telling you how it went, we will hand over to Neil to sum up in his own words. We promise no bribes were offered in return for such kind feedback.

Where do I start in the articulation of how much value Karen and the Think Bespoke team had added to our journey? We could not be happier with the expertise and advice offered by Karen. The advice has been invaluable and in just a few months, by following their advice, we can see results.

We started our search for authentic, values aligned experts to help us. Along the journey we had many conversations with the typical “sales” type trying to lock us into various costly ongoing options for increasing our leads. Non felt like they understood our business or were authentic. Then we heard of Karen via our network and reached out to Think Bespoke.

Like many starting out on LinkedIn we were not sure of what we needed or even how to articulate our unique service offering into language for everyone to understand. That all changes with Karen and her team. The took us on a journey to develop a LinkedIn strategic content framework that started with our ideal clients in mind. Their journey has helped us to strengthen not only our LinkedIn presence, marketing framework but also our service offering. They have helped us to focus on aligning our business goals to build our brand, educate our potential clients and to build a solid narrative for our rebrand.

Anyone looking for a 1st class LinkedIn Strategy delivered with authenticity, then there is only one place to go.

And with that warm and fuzzy client feedback, we will get back to helping other leaders and organisations navigate LinkedIn. The Think Bespoke Strategic Content Framework process is for those committed to embracing LinkedIn is a key tool to educate your community and potential clients about what you do, who you are and how you help.  It’s for B2B and professional services organisations who have online assets already working for you and you want them to work harder. To discuss if this strategic consulting service is right for your needs, please book an intro chat with our resident LinkedIn Expert Consultant, Karen Hollenbach.

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Karen Hollenbach, LinkedIn Expert Consultant, Educator & Mentor

Karen Hollenbach, LinkedIn Expert Consultant, Educator & Mentor

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