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The premiere masterclass for writing an All Star LinkedIn Profile.

Using LinkedIn to raise your profile online is a smart choice, but it only gets you part of the way to starting conversations with potential employers or clients.

In my masterclass, LinkedIn Profile Essentials, I teach you how to transform your LinkedIn Profile into a more powerful tool for connection. Implementing what I teach you will move you from being unsure of what you write about yourself to an All Star LinkedIn Profile.

LinkedIn Profile Essentials is based on the 100s of profiles I have written and the 1000s of professionals I have trained across Asia Pacific.

This is the most practical and helpful training out there, with straight-forward video lessons on the key features of your LinkedIn Profile.  By learning these essentials, you’ll have the knowledge and confidence to be more active on LinkedIn.

If your profile is under-representing you and stopping you from getting opportunities, now is the time for you to tend to your LinkedIn garden and fix it – in just a couple of hours.

You get instant + exclusive access to 10+ video step-by-step lessons

LinkedIn Profile Essentials is entirely online, and taught through self-paced videos.

Here’s what previous learners have said about my training style:

Karen delivers information in a clear and interesting way with lots of actual examples to make understanding the process of improving the LinkedIn experience easier to navigate.

Karen is great at explaining the key tools you need to make your LinkedIn stand out. Her insights and understanding of how to use the platform was really helpful for our team, explaining pieces we didn’t even know or think of. We hope to implement this into all our profiles going forward.

I’m Karen Hollenbach, Independent LinkedIn Training Consultant and Top 10 LinkedIn Expert Asia Pacific.

I’ve used LinkedIn to raise awareness of my personal and organisational brand and helped hundreds of clients do the same. This masterclass provides access to my deep knowledge of how to approach writing all the key features of your LinkedIn Profile.

My own profile is how I position myself as a LinkedIn expert and help my online community and I have over 6500 LinkedIn followers and 1000+ email subscribers to my global LinkedIn newsletter, Think Bespoke’s e-insights.

My LinkedIn Profile has created so many opportunities for my career, and this course explains how to write a profile to help you do the same.