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Career Q&A: Cut your chops in your 1st industry

The purpose of the Career Q&As is to share the journey of other people’s career journey with Think Bespoke’s community. If you are considering a Career Change, or enjoy learning about the insights behind the success of others, then reading their stories is an enjoyable way to help you then reflect on your own career journey.   A […]

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Career Q&A: It’s all about the students

This is a special Career Q&A as it reveals one of those moments when I reached out to someone and said the thing that no one else would say. Rebecca Wells is a specialist teacher who returned to Postgraduate studies and teaches children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Intellectual Disability. Her blog, “The Animated Classroom” (commencing in February) will share and […]

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Career Q&A: From Redundancy to Financial Coach

One of the first Career Q&A posts I shared via this blog was with Stacey Price, Financial Coach, Healthy Business Finances.  I have watched Stacey’s business grow since first meeting her at the Monash Women’s Business Networking Expo.  Stacey is a fellow She will Shine member. Stacey was very unfortunate to experience not one, but two, […]

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Career Q&A: Never Give Up Until You Find Your Passion

  With 1 small business venture under her belt selling Limited Edition printed artwork for little people’s interior spaces, Lisa Iurada is enjoying the fruits of her labour on the home and work front. She has done the necessary hard work to explore her values and life’s purpose and build her profession around these important elements.   […]

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Career Q&A: Why You Must Back Yourself

This month we are fortunate to have Ryan Bishop from Boom Studios in Melbourne, share his career story. Ryan has stayed true to his early interest in designing and creating and is recognised for his innovation in printing, branding, pop up stores and creative fabrication.   Tell us a little about a day in the […]

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Steve Jobs quote, saying no

5 Ways to say NO at work

One of the most common challenges clients share with me during Career Consultations is that they feel overworked. While I do believe there is a season (especially in your mid twenties) where you need to simply put your head down and work as hard as you can, this needs to be sustainable. Workplace Communication Tips I […]

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