10 Ways to Increase Your LinkedIn Account's Security & Privacy

10 Ways to Increase Your LinkedIn Account’s Security & Privacy

If you’ve recently undertaken a digital declutter and decided LinkedIn is one of your primary platforms, then this article will provide some helpful tips on keeping your account more secure by protecting your password security and privacy. 1. Change Your Password Every Few Months on LinkedIn Schedule a reminder in your diary to update your […]

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6 Ways to Network More Effectively in 2020

6 Steps to Network More Effectively in 2020

Networking with professionals within and beyond your industry is an invaluable way to expand your connections and create opportunities for yourself and others. Whether you are thinking about a change in career direction, researching job prospects beyond your current employer or wishing to meet new clients, engaging in formal and informal networking events has a […]

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How to Customise Your LinkedIn Profile URL

How to Customise Your LinkedIn Profile Public URL

Did you know you can customise your LinkedIn profile public URL? For car enthusiasts, it’s a bit like personalised number plates!  Custom LinkedIn public profile URLs are available on a first come, first serve basis and a great way to claim your real estate on LinkedIn. If you have a unique first name or surname, […]

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how to stop new contacts seeing your linkedin connections

How To Stop New Contacts Seeing All Your LinkedIn Connections

In today’s article I will show you how to add a layer of protection to your contact list when you accept new invitations to connect. At a recent LinkedIn training session I was asked a question about a scenario someone had experienced with a new connection. The new connection was a competitor. They’d accepted the […]

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how to access and create the new linkedin events feature

How to Access, Create and Manage the LinkedIn Event Feature

The new LinkedIn Event feature has the potential to be a game changer for LinkedIn, providing members with one of the much desired Facebook features (Facebook events) that keeps some professionals from fully embracing LinkedIn as their first choice of platform when they are online.  The LinkedIn event feature provides members with an easy way […]

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essential career planning tools for parents

Essential Career Planning Tools to Manage Parenting & Work

Today’s article is designed to give you some essential tools as you navigate your responsibilities as a new parent and think about restructuring how you engage with work to accomodate the cherubs in your life.  With most of my younger cousins having babies over the last few years, I’ve been reminded of the importance of […]

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The LinkedIn Profile Strength Meter: How to Measure Your Profile’s Strength

This article is part of our Personal Branding on LinkedIn guide to managing your LinkedIn Profile and will help you get started with how to measure whether you have an all star LinkedIn Profile. Your LinkedIn Profile is one of the key ways people evaluate your personal brand online these days, and helps them decide […]

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