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How to Tag People in Photos on LinkedIn

by LinkedIn Training

In this article you will learn how to tag people in photos on LinkedIn.

Have you ever noticed that posts with photos of people perform better than other posts? LinkedIn is a place of community and connection. I enjoy celebrating the success and milestones of others and am always more likely to like and comment on a photo of an individual or team in action at a learning or work event.

Why Tag Photos Connections or Colleagues on LinkedIn

You may want to tag a photo of a connection or other LinkedIn member to thank them, to acknowledge something they’ve written or to highlight their contribution or involvement with a recent event or conference. Tagging photos of your connections in this way can encourage engagement with your posts and draw your connection’s attention to your update. 

How to Tag People in your LinkedIn Photos

Tagging people in photos you post on LinkedIn encourages engagement with your images. Viewers can click on connection names to navigate to their profiles. Here’s how to tag people in your LinkedIn photos:

At the top of your homepage, click Photo in the share box.
Select images you’d like to upload. You can select up to nine images for your post.
Click Tag in the Edit your photo pop-up window, and then click anywhere on the photo.

Type the name of the member you want to tag, and click on the name to add the tag.

Repeat these steps to tag more people. You can tag up to 30 people per photo. 

For multiple photos, scroll to each selected image in the Edit your photo pop-up window.

(Optional, but recommended) Click Add alt text to describe the contents of your photo. Adding alternative text makes your photo more accessible.

Click Done to preview.

(Optional, but recommended) Type the content of your post in the What do you want to talk about? field in the Create a post pop-up window. The character limit for a post is 3000 characters. When you tag someone in a photo you may also like to mention them. Learn more in this article.

Select who you want to share the post with.
Click Post.

Common Questions About Tagging People in your LinkedIn Photos

Will the person I tag in the photo be notified? Yes. After you select someone from the list and finish your post, that person will receive an email and app notifications of the tag. However, if LinkedIn members will not receive a notification about the mention if they have turned off this notification setting.
Can I edit a post or comment after tagging someone in a photo?
Yes. You can edit your posts and comments to add or remove the tag.
Do I need the person’s permission to tag them in a photo? You need their permission to share the photo if they are in it. It is good manners to get their permission to tag them in the photo.
Is tagging people I know who have lots of LinkedIn followers a good way to drive traffic to my LinkedIn posts. No. This is not recommended.
Does LinkedIn have photo size requirements? Yes. The size limit for an upload is 5 MB. LinkedIn recommends the image be at least 552 (w) x 276 (h) pixels. Image frame ratio ranges from 3:1 to 4:5 (width/height). If the ratio is larger, the image will be centred and cropped.
Can uploaded images be resized? No. At this stage, uploaded images can’t be resized.
Should I mention them in the post as well as tag them in the photo? This will depend if you want to draw attention to them in the post as well as in the photo. It is fine to do both. To learn more about how to mention people in posts read this article.

How to Disable Tags on LinkedIn

If you don’t want people to be able to tag you in a LinkedIn photo you can disable this in your privacy and settings. Learn more in this article.

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Karen Hollenbach, LinkedIn Expert Consultant, Educator & Mentor

Karen Hollenbach, LinkedIn Expert Consultant, Educator & Mentor

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