At this 1 hour online seminar with Karen Hollenbach, one of Australia’s leading independent LinkedIn specialists, you will learn the key networking principles and tips to help grow your business and expand your connections with LinkedIn.

Think Bespoke’s unique approach to leveraging LinkedIn is practical and down to earth. Learn our foundational, intermediate and advanced networking strategies for LinkedIn members.

You can take the insights shared during this online seminar and apply them to how you attract, acquire and engage your community on LinkedIn.

And only 2 of the tips in our networking strategies required paid LinkedIn membership (premium) and so you will learn just how much you can achieve on LinkedIn with a free membership!

To unlock the power of LinkedIn for business you need to actively engage with your connections to stay top of mind.

Learn how to leverage the key relationship building and content marketing principles Think Bespoke uses to teach Australian professionals how to grow their business with LinkedIn.


This seminar is suitable for business owners, sales and business development professionals and anyone who wants to expand their connections on LinkedIn using our well mannered approach.

If you’ve done your research, you’ll know that you need to spend more time on LinkedIn. You’ve realised that LinkedIn requires more attention after reading the widely reported statistic that LinkedIn delivers nearly 3 x the sales conversion of social media platforms (Hubspot Study). 

Time is running out!









LinkedIn is a critical business touch point that requires focus and a strategy and, with daily rituals, can help you attract, acquire, engage and nurture more clients and customers.

Use LinkedIn to:

  • Expand your network
  • Raise awareness of your brand and business
  • Establish your personal brand within and beyond your industry
  • Position yourself as a Thought Leader
  • Amplify your sales and marketing strategy

Watch the webinar live or enjoy the replay for up to 7 days. Register now for $47 to secure your spot!