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What I Have Learnt From Writing a Weekly Blog for 5 years

What I Have Learnt from Writing a Weekly Business Blog for 5 Years

If you are new to blogging, thinking about taking a more strategic approach to your content marketing or trying to connect more of your online dots beyond your social media posts, it is my hope that today’s article will help you develop a stronger framework for...

How to Develop a Client Profile for Social Media

In many ways social media has become one of the many ‘must have’ components of a business, and this can put undue pressure on the growing organisation who’s marketing department is already stretched keeping up with email campaigns and trade events....
how content marketing and corporate storytelling can help your brand

How Content Marketing and Corporate Storytelling Can Help Your Brand

If you are new to the concept of Content Marketing, today I’m sharing my insights on how this approach has helped my clients and how it can help you too. I’m not the first to write about content marketing, and I certainly will not be the last. I view it as...

How Storytelling Can Help You Build Your Business

I was recently asked to be part of an expert panel about Social Media and storytelling. We talked all things engagement, building an audience, building your message and telling great stories through social media to build your business and brand. Here’s...

How to Create A Social Media Marketing Plan

A wonderful trend I am noticing in some SME businesses I work with is the creation of Digital Marketing roles. The purpose of these roles is to help the business take a more focussed approach to their online presence. When training these new team members on...
best practice linkedin company page management

5 Best Practice Tips for Managing Your LinkedIn Company Page

If you’re yet to create a LinkedIn company page for your business, or have been given the task to manage the LinkedIn company page for your employer, here’s an introduction to our best practice tips for managing your LinkedIn Company Page. This LinkedIn...
how to audit your team's linkedin profiles

How to Audit Your Team’s LinkedIn Profiles

If you’ve been given the responsibility to audit or update your team’s LinkedIn Profiles, there are a number of key LinkedIn profile features I recommend you include in your review. I find what stops people from being more active on LinkedIn is that...
how to drive brand awareness with linkedin advertising

How to Drive Brand Awareness using LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn has recently published a very helpful guide on how to drive brand awareness on LinkedIn. Interestingly, the focus at the end of the guide is for you to invest in one of the variety of ways you can advertise on LinkedIn. We’re guessing this big push from...
The Best Times to Post on LinkedIn

The Best Times to Post on LinkedIn

The question I am increasingly asked when I work with digital communication and marketing teams is “When is the best time to post on LinkedIn?” The short answer is, it depends. The best times to post on LinkedIn will depend on a number of factors including...
LinkedIn company page checklist

A LinkedIn Company Page Checklist for Your Organisation

Today’s article provides a LinkedIn Company Page Checklist which you can use to review your organisation’s presence on LinkedIn. This will help ensure you’re leveraging this feature in your communication and content marketing strategy. If you are...