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why delayed flights can be where ideas are sparked

Why a Delayed Flight Can Be Where Ideas are Sparked

It’s 5.30pm on a Sunday evening and my flight is delayed. We’ve boarded but we are not moving. This means I’ve enjoyed the best part of the last hour reading through the inspiring articles sprinkled throughout The Collective Hub, a magazine that takes a fresh perspective on the issues across business, design, tech, social change, […]

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How Self Belief influences your success

How Your Beliefs are Connected to Success

At the original rainforest market, hidden at the back of the many markets scattered in the main street of Kuranda you’ll find a small stall amongst the natural hand made ice cream vendors, encouraging you, for just $2, to find out the characteristics of the high achievers who were born on your birthday.   What […]

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How Storytelling Can Help You Build Your Business

I was recently asked to be part of an expert panel about Social Media and storytelling. We talked all things engagement, building an audience, building your message and telling great stories through social media to build your business and brand. Here’s how Suzanne Chadwick, the organiser of this event and the founder of The Connection Exchange described me […]

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How to Grow you connections on linkedin

How to Expand Your Connections on LinkedIn

I would like to share with you why being connected with everyone you know on LinkedIn is important and how to increase your connections. Please know that my approach is based on good manners and treating people with respect, which means the principles I will explore are professional and relevant for businesses or those of you […]

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Why Not Taking Holidays May Be Damaging Your Career, Health & Business

Did my headline get your attention? I thought a lot about how I would engage your heart and mind in this week’s blog post, so thank you for tuning in and deciding to read on. I’d like to explore with you the importance of taking regular breaks and the reasons why this is good for your career, […]

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gamification of linkedin

How to Leverage the Gamification of LinkedIn

When I train LinkedIn, you’ll often hear me talk about the concept of LinkedIn ‘rewarding good behaviour’. At the heart of the world’s largest professional networking platform (that’s increasingly trying to also be a great source of business and industry news) we have a very sophisticated database. Microsoft recognised the value of this database, purchasing your […]

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How to increase your creativity and productivity

Single Tasking: How to Improve Your Creativity and Productivity

As a wordsmith, one of my pet habits is to let people know when I spot a spelling mistake or grammatical error. When I recently did this, my colleague confessed she’d been writing the copy while watching a webinar, hence the reason for the error I had noticed. We all do it (multi tasking, that is) […]

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