how to access and create the new linkedin events feature

How to Access, Create and Manage the LinkedIn Event Feature

The new LinkedIn Event feature has the potential to be a game changer for LinkedIn, providing members with one of the much desired Facebook features (Facebook events) that keeps some professionals from fully embracing LinkedIn as their first choice of platform when they are online.  The LinkedIn event feature provides members with an easy way […]

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how to invite connections to follow your linkedin company page

How to Invite Connections to Follow Your LinkedIn Company Page

Updated December 2019 This feature appears to be available once more! In June there was briefly some great news for LinkedIn Company Page Admins with the new feature that allowed you to invite connections to follow your LinkedIn company page so you could grow your follower base.  Those admins who responded quickly enjoyed an increase […]

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linkedin new QR code feature

A Snapshot of LinkedIn’s New See Translation, QR Code & Share a Draft Features

Linkedin has recently introduced a number of new features to enhance their member’s user experience. Some of these have been rolled out with big announcements via the Official LinkedIn Blog and others I’ve come across when publishing a LinkedIn article. In this week’s article I share a snapshot of some of these new features and […]

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