Ultimate guide to linkedin profile and linkedin company page

The Ultimate Guide: How to Leverage your Individual and Business LinkedIn Account Pages

Are you taking a second look at LinkedIn? With the continued popularity of LinkedIn for professionals who lead or own consulting practices, especially those in the B2B space, I’m being increasingly asked how to leverage the individual (LinkedIn profile) and business (Company page) account pages for LinkedIn. Today’s article explains what you need to consider […]

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best time and frequency for posting content on linkedin

The Best Time and Frequency for Posting Content on LinkedIn

With more and more professionals embracing the content publishing features available on LinkedIn, I’m increasingly asked ‘when is the best time to post on LinkedIn and ‘how often should we be posting content on LinkedIn’?  Today’s article answers both of these questions. The guidelines provided are general and recommended as a very good starting point. […]

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10 Ways to Increase Your LinkedIn Account's Security & Privacy

10 Ways to Increase Your LinkedIn Account’s Security & Privacy

If you’ve recently undertaken a digital declutter and decided LinkedIn is one of your primary platforms, then this article will provide some helpful tips on keeping your account more secure by protecting your password security and privacy. 1. Change Your Password Every Few Months on LinkedIn Schedule a reminder in your diary to update your […]

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How to Customise Your LinkedIn Profile URL

How to Customise Your LinkedIn Profile Public URL

Did you know you can customise your LinkedIn profile public URL? For car enthusiasts, it’s a bit like personalised number plates!  Custom LinkedIn public profile URLs are available on a first come, first serve basis and a great way to claim your real estate on LinkedIn. If you have a unique first name or surname, […]

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The LinkedIn Profile Strength Meter: How to Measure Your Profile’s Strength

This article is part of our Personal Branding on LinkedIn guide to managing your LinkedIn Profile and will help you get started with how to measure whether you have an all star LinkedIn Profile. Your LinkedIn Profile is one of the key ways people evaluate your personal brand online these days, and helps them decide […]

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A Thought Leader’s Guide to Publishing Articles on LinkedIn

If you’re thinking about publishing more regularly on LinkedIn with thought provoking and insightful LinkedIn articles, then I’m so glad you found me.  This article is part of our Personal Branding on LinkedIn guide to managing your LinkedIn Profile and will help you get started with publishing articles on LinkedIn, covering my thoughts on the […]

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how to create and share content on linkedin

Your Personal Guide to Sharing and Creating Content on LinkedIn

Whether you are one of the key leaders who represents your organisation or are someone who’s wishing to raise your profile within your industry, sharing content via your LinkedIn Profile is a great way to stay top of mind with your LinkedIn community, share your insights and start conversations with influencers within and beyond your […]

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how to take control of skills and endorsements on your linkedin profile

How to Take Control of Skills & Endorsements on Your LinkedIn Profile

Karen HollenbachThank you for reading this article. As one of Asia Pacific’s Top 10 LinkedIn Experts I share fortnightly news with my global email community and run monthly online Lunch and Learns to teach professionals how to unlock LinkedIn. Sign up to my newsletter to help you learn LinkedIn – the right way!

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