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gamification of linkedin

How to Leverage the Gamification of LinkedIn

When I train LinkedIn, you’ll often hear me talk about the concept of LinkedIn ‘rewarding good behaviour’. At the heart of the world’s largest professional networking platform (that’s increasingly trying to also be a great source of business and industry news) we have a very sophisticated database. Microsoft recognised the value of this database, purchasing your […]

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Learn how to grow your business with LinkedIn

Learn How to Grow Your Business with LinkedIn

I normally write blog posts with helpful insights on how to use LinkedIn, but today I want to tell you about a very affordable online seminar series to help you up-skill and begin your LinkedIn journey with one of Australia’s leading independent LinkedIn Consultants, me! To understand why I am qualified to say this, please […]

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How to grow your small business with linkedin

How To Grow Your Small Business With LinkedIn

With the re-design, most business owners are taking a fresh look at LinkedIn to make sure they are presenting the best version of their brands, team and organisation on LinkedIn to maximise the most powerful professional networking platform and content marketing site for business. One of the key things you need to consider before […]

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How to update your LinkedIn Profile

How to Get Serious About Your LinkedIn Profile

Do you suffer from LinkedInitis? This is a common condition where you have set up a basic LinkedIn profile and are not really sure what to do next! You’ve received an invitation to connect on LinkedIn, set up the basic information while waiting at the airport or at an appointment and perhaps even dropped some of the details of […]

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How to add LinkedIn recommendations

How to Add Recommendations to your LinkedIn Profile

Updated March 31st, 2017 A profile that presents the best version of you is incomplete without relevant recommendations from clients and colleagues. I believe recommendations are as powerful as a client testimonial for your business or professional referee for your career. Once you are confident your profile represents your goals for LinkedIn, you are ready to request recommendations […]

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10 Tips for Perfecting Your LinkedIn Profile Picture

Updated April 2017 In this blog post I’ve invited Jade Wisely to join us to share her 10 Tips for Perfecting Your Profile Picture. From time to time I invite guests to share their insights on Think Bespoke’s blog and this one has been one of our more popular guest blog posts. If you are thinking […]

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how to browse linkedin profiles anonymously

How To Browse LinkedIn Profiles Anonymously

Updated April 2017 One of the many things I love about using LinkedIn as a business and career tool is the ability to change features within my settings, depending on my goals for leveraging this platform. The default when you set up your LinkedIn Profile means when you have viewed people’s profiles (when logged in via your […]

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