Ultimate guide to linkedin profile and linkedin company page

The Ultimate Guide: How to Leverage your Individual and Business LinkedIn Account Pages

Are you taking a second look at LinkedIn? With the continued popularity of LinkedIn for professionals who lead or own consulting practices, especially those in the B2B space, I’m being increasingly asked how to leverage the individual (LinkedIn profile) and business (Company page) account pages for LinkedIn. Today’s article explains what you need to consider […]

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how to write your linkedin profile summary (about section)

How to Write a LinkedIn Profile Summary (the About section)

Today’s article will help you get ‘refresh my LinkedIn Profile’ off your to do list. When you attend a networking event and someone asks you ‘what do you do’ is this the moment you freeze, immobilised by the pressure to talk about yourself?  Or perhaps you’re one of those superstars who embraces this opportunity as […]

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best time and frequency for posting content on linkedin

The Best Time and Frequency for Posting Content on LinkedIn

With more and more professionals embracing the content publishing features available on LinkedIn, I’m increasingly asked ‘when is the best time to post on LinkedIn and ‘how often should we be posting content on LinkedIn’?  Today’s article answers both of these questions. The guidelines provided are general and recommended as a very good starting point. […]

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10 Ways to Increase Your LinkedIn Account's Security & Privacy

10 Ways to Increase Your LinkedIn Account’s Security & Privacy

If you’ve recently undertaken a digital declutter and decided LinkedIn is one of your primary platforms, then this article will provide some helpful tips on keeping your account more secure by protecting your password security and privacy. 1. Change Your Password Every Few Months on LinkedIn Schedule a reminder in your diary to update your […]

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6 Ways to Network More Effectively in 2020

6 Steps to Network More Effectively in 2020

Networking with professionals within and beyond your industry is an invaluable way to expand your connections and create opportunities for yourself and others. Whether you are thinking about a change in career direction, researching job prospects beyond your current employer or wishing to meet new clients, engaging in formal and informal networking events has a […]

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how to stop new contacts seeing your linkedin connections

How To Stop New Contacts Seeing All Your LinkedIn Connections

In today’s article I will show you how to add a layer of protection to your contact list when you accept new invitations to connect. At a recent LinkedIn training session I was asked a question about a scenario someone had experienced with a new connection. The new connection was a competitor. They’d accepted the […]

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