Career Planning

Why Not Taking Holidays May Be Damaging Your Career, Health & Business

Did my headline get your attention? I thought a lot about how I would engage your heart and mind in this week’s blog post, so thank you for tuning in and deciding to read on. I’d like to explore with you the importance of taking regular breaks and the reasons why this is good for your career, […]

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How to prepare for the future of work

Facebook Live Interview: How to Prepare for the Future of Work

For those of you who follow Think Bespoke’s Facebook page, you may have tuned into my recent Facebook live interview with Marina Pitisano, Letz Create. With the surge of video content, I’ve been thinking about how I can share my insights with Think Bespoke’s community using this format. As a content marketer, it is important that […]

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Podcast: My LinkedIn Journey & How LinkedIn Can Help Your Career

After guest speaking at a business women’s breakfast, I was approached by Natalie Hughes to be interviewed on Miss Independent Podcast, a series of conversations Natalie has with successful women who share their career and business stories, work experiences, personal insights and aspirations. Natalie and I were already connected on LinkedIn and our paths had crossed a […]

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Career Q&A: There is Always Room to Learn, Grow and Develop Skills to Better Yourself

Being in the earlier stages of his career, Tanila De Silva is younger than the guests I normally interview for the Career Q&A. I invited Tanila to share his story because his enthusiasm and presence is something I know will take him a long way in his career. It is my hope that by reading this, you will […]

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lost in the fashion capital

4 Career Planning Tips for Career Changers

Are you thinking about a career change? As someone who’s personally transitioned from a demanding corporate role to running my own business (which is still demanding, but much more flexible), here are my tips to help you make this career transition. 1. Don’t think of your next career move as just a job title When […]

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