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Welcome to Think Bespoke’s Career Resources Hub – exclusive to the members of our community.

One of the most rewarding parts of my work is hearing the success stories from those we’ve assisted on their quest for new direction in career or business. To know we have in some small way set you on the path to happiness means a great deal, and continues to be the drive behind what we do everyday.

In response to the increasing demand for professional insights and resources on career change or the transition back into the paid workforce after taking time out to raise children, we’ve created this page as a central hub for the tools, resources and support you need to get started on your journey.


Take our Career Questionnaire

If you’re considering your plan for your next career move, planning a change in career direction, returning to work or exploring a redundancy, our Career Consultation Questionnaire is a great starting point.

Our focus is on helping you uncover clear goals that will enhance your happiness and satisfaction with your career choices, and this questionnaire is a great start to defining those around your strengths and weaknesses.


Benefits of Think Bespoke’s Career Planning Questionnaire:

  • increase your confidence
  • clarify your goals
  • create a clearer road map for career change
  • get a better job!
  • be happier


At the completion of the questionnaire, we’d love to know how you went!

Contact us at to request a Career Consultation questionnaire.


Thought provoking articles to get you started

We’ve curated a selection of our most read blog posts to help inspire new ways of thinking about your career, assist in personal development and provide useful tools you can take immediate action with.


Career Q&A

From career change to following your passions from a young age, this interview series on our blog shares the career stories of many inspiring Australians.

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Addressing Work Gaps in Your Resume

In this article I provide suggestions on how to address work gaps in your resume. I am often asked my Mums returning to work, how do I explain the break in my work history. This question is also asked by people who may have taken some time off due to illness, to care for a family member or to study and perhaps even travel.

Career Planning


Use our LinkedIn Profile Checklist to help get you started.


Professional Tips & Insights

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If you’d like further feedback and to discuss your next steps, consider booking a consultation with one of our Career Coaches. This personalised consultation involves a review of your questionnaire, current CV and LinkedIn profile to create an action plan for your next career move, and get you started on your journey sooner.

We hope you find the direction you’re looking for here, and we look forward to hearing many more success stories.