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Specialist LinkedIn Speaker & Consultant

Unlock LinkedIn and Personal Branding for your Professional Community

Described as the ‘LinkedIn Lady’ Karen has built a reputation as a storyteller who helps individuals and organisations unlock the power of LinkedIn to help achieve their career and business goals.

Karen is one of Australia’s leading independent LinkedIn Consultants, available as a Guest Speaker and regularly booked to share her insights about LinkedIn for Business and Career and the importance of Personal Branding to be effective when engaging online.

With a warm, friendly and down to earth approach, Karen provides a fresh perspective on how to use LinkedIn to raise your professional profile within and beyond your industry and build your personal and organisational brand.

In a digital world where there is so much noise, Karen suggests we can embrace collaborative principles such as building relationships and helping others as an effective way to attract, acquire and engage your ideal clients and community online.


What to Expect from Karen’s Unique Approach

Having worked in the top end of town, Karen understands how to deliver her message with impact.

If your audience is looking for a thoughtful and considered approach to how you better navigate LinkedIn, online professional networking and branding, then you’ve found the speaker you’ve been looking for.

Delivering with warmth, enthusiasm and insight, Karen shares valuable perspectives that will help your attendees unlock LinkedIn and Personal Branding for their career or business goals.

I really enjoyed your workshop today, thanks for sharing your skills with us.

Sarah Annells

Environmental Health Coordinator, Melton City Council

Your session was great and I can’t wait to tuck in and implement those changes to my profile.

Melissa Forlana

Wellington Shire Council

Thank you for your insights today. I learnt a lot about how I can refine my profile and it was great to meet and connect with you. I look forward to reading some of your blogs.

Leanne Williams

CEO, West Gippsland Libraries