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How to Write a Good LinkedIn Profile About Section

by Career Management, LinkedIn Profile

In this article you will learn how to write a good LinkedIn Profile About Section.

With an increasing number of conversations happening online, we’re teaching more and more professionals how to write their LinkedIn profiles. The most common section of the profile missed is the About. These easy to follow steps will make it easier for your to write a good About section for your LinkedIn profile.

The Importance of the LinkedIn Profile About Section

LinkedIn reports that a summary of 40 words or more makes it more likely to show up in search. The LinkedIn Profile summary section is often overlooked by many LinkedIn members, especially those who have been reluctant to tend to their LinkedIn garden. If your employer is expecting you to refresh your LinkedIn profile, or you wish to attract better clients, get that next promotion or be head hunted, here’s your opportunity to stand out from the crowd and improve how you tell your professional story.

The About Section is more like a brief bio, or About Us section from a website or company report, and should be written in the first person. This means you writing about you!   It should provide a snapshot of your relevant professional experience, highlights from your career so far, the type of things you are interested in and , in some cases, goals you would like to achieve as they relate to your professional focus.

The key is to make sure you give readers a sense of your professional style, elements of your personality and an indication of how you approach your working life, not just your skills and experience.

Here are 5 easy steps I suggest you follow to help you create or refresh your LinkedIn Profile’s About section.

Step 1: Decide your goals for LinkedIn

Before making any changes to your LinkedIn Profile, consider what do you want to be the ‘go to’ person for when people mention your name. By being clear about this and writing about yourself with this in mind, you’re making it easier for your connections and people who view your profile to recommend or refer you.  Once you know this, make sure it’s reflected in how you write about yourself in this section.

What types of people are you trying to get into more conversations with via your LinkedIn presence? Focus on these people when you write your About, as it helps them decide if you are ‘for them’ and whether you are the right cultural fit.

Step 2: Choose the right style for your LinkedIn Profile

Choosing the right style for the About section of your LinkedIn profile will depend on your goals for LinkedIn and what you are comfortable with. Here are some examples of the approaches you can choose:

  • take a storytelling approach showcasing major milestones in your life
  • showcase your career achievements
  • open with your favourite quote
  • ask the readers a challenging question

Remember – there’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to writing your LinkedIn profile, which is why this article does not include examples. How you choose to approach your answers Step 1, and the preferred approach you choose in Step 2 above will influence what you write.

So many people seem to get stuck with how to approach writing about themselves on LinkedIn in their profiles.  Steps 3-5 give you a structure and a starting point to writing your LinkedIn profile About section.

Step 3: Write your LinkedIn Profile in the first person & maximise the first line of your LinkedIn About section

Writing in the first person makes you more approachable and accessible. The first line of the About section of your LinkedIn profile is critical as people need to click on ‘read more’ to see beyond the first three lines. Be compelling and relevant to the people you want to influence.

Here’s my first line as an example.

“As a strategic communications professional, educator and writer I’ve always loved the power of words. As a LinkedIn Strategist I offer a unique perspective on how to get more from your time on LinkedIn. When you focus on a well-crafted strategy, build relationships and add value to your professional communities, more doors will open for you.”

Please remember – this example is suitable for my goals and focus for LinkedIn. You need to consider what is relevant for you.

Step 4: Use the Middle Section to provide a snapshot of your career experience, where you’ve worked and who you’ve worked with

Here’s a format you can adapt to help craft the middle section of your LinkedIn Profile About section.

With over (insert no.) years experience in the (insert industry types, types of roles and / or the specific companies) I have extensive experience working with (insert top and most relevant experience areas and clients and projects as they relate to your core strengths and what you want to be the ‘go to’ for).

Step 5: Use the Final Section to provide insight into your perspective and the problems you solve

In the final section you can showcase how you assist clients or organisations solve particular problems and share how your skills and experience have informed your perspective on the industry you work in and the opportunities for future trends.

Please note – when we write LinkedIn profile updates for clients, in some cases it is relevant to swap the final and middle sections. Again, it depends on their goals and focus for LinkedIn, identified in Step 1.

Connecting Your LinkedIn Profile Feature’s Dots

If you’ve come this far, and successfully completed steps 1-5, well done! Depending on your goals for LinkedIn, it may also be worth considering a call to action, such as ‘I invite you to connect’ or adding links to your website or relevant professional portfolios or projects demonstrating examples of your work.

linkedin profile about sectionReview the Featured section below the About section, which provides the option to feature different content from your profile, including Posts, LinkedIn Newsletter, Articles, Links and Media.


Karen Hollenbach

Karen Hollenbach

As the Founding Director of Think Bespoke I help individuals and organisations unlock their potential with LinkedIn. Sign up to my E-insights for LinkedIn tips.

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