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Attracting Staff to your Organisation by Leveraging LinkedIn

by LinkedIn Company Page

In this article we discuss how employers looking to gain a competitive advantage can use their LinkedIn company page to help them attract talent to their organisation. Read on for tips and best practice examples.

It won’t come as a surprise to any business leader, HR managers or small business owners that there is a current shortage in Australia of candidates for available roles. This is due to several reasons – a lack of international students, stalled immigration, and people dropping out of the workforce during the pandemic. There are also other psychological factors at play including people sitting tight in roles as they worry about job security after having dealt with the unprecedented times of lockdowns, government restrictions and health directives.

We keep hearing that job boards are advertising record number of available roles, but that there are less applicants than usual. We are still to see whether the “Great Resignation” will be taken up by the Australian workforce. It all adds up to a challenge for companies to fill roles and a need to use every tool available to help you attract and retain staff.

When you do advertise a role, or make use of a specialist recruiter, potential candidates now have a wealth of resources they can take advantage of to research your company online. They will visit your website, google your business name to see mentions of you in the media or industry news and many will visit your LinkedIn company page to see who is working there and what they have to say about it!

One thing you can do as an organisation is to present the best version of your company online. You can make use of your online assets to reflect your company values, mission, and employee value proposition. You can highlight your staff achievements, milestones and celebrate company success. You can demonstrate how you deliver value to your community and what it is like to work for you.

What is an Employee Value Proposition?

An employee value proposition reflects the unique cultural experience and associated benefits enjoyed by the staff who work at your company.

A strong EVP will help you retain talent and attract people to your company. It ensures that staff understand what they are working towards, the problems they are solving and who they are helping. It offers a real understanding of what it is like to work for your company on a day-to-day basis.

Your EVP, once developed needs to be communicated consistently at every opportunity. Your website, LinkedIn company page and all communications material should be lined up to attract the people you want to work for you. A strong EVP needs to be embedded into company policies, job advertisements, induction programs, training and development programs and other internal communications.

In a world where real time social media commentary about your company is commonplace amongst employees, clients, suppliers and competitors, it is more important than ever to do what you can to control the message being seen by potential employees. Your EVP needs to be authentic, real, and demonstrable.

How do you demonstrate your EVP on LinkedIn?

Take a moment to have a look at your LinkedIn company page and see how many employees have active profiles and how many connections they have. This is the potential audience that you could be leveraging to help organically attract talent to your brand. By making use of the available features on LinkedIn and using strong imagery, video and copy, you can present your brand in a professional and compelling manner. You make your company culture and EVP visible.

Let’s consider LinkedIn themselves as an example. When you navigate to their company page, you can clearly see the “Life at” tab.

Navigating down the page, you can see how they are utilizing employee generated content that features

The Life at LinkedIn page highlights their senior leaders offering opportunities to follow or connect with them, and then include a spiel about where their offices are based, and what their offices have to offer a potential employee.

LinkedIn go on to demonstrate how they involve themselves and connect with the wider community to give back via a once a month “inday”. They also demonstrate how they are pursuing diversity and inclusion within their organisation. They link out to careers pages via their company website to further detail company values and a description of what the company culture aspires to be.

Further down the “Life at” tab includes company photos that are a reflection of team members and office aesthetics, and lastly, we have a space for Employee perspectives and testimonials. These are LinkedIn articles written by LinkedIn team members and then reviews from LinkedIn staff members as to what it is like to work there. They make good use of employees as brand ambassadors and has the added impact of empowering employees and showcasing their opinions and important community or social causes.

Taking the time to present a well thought out employee value proposition and making use of the real estate available on the Life at tab on LinkedIn is a great way to showcase your company to prospective employees.

Amplifying the Message 

It can be challenging with so many moving parts to ensure everyone is on message. The technology company Dell has invested over time in social media training for their employees via a certification process to help them talk about the brand. The employees were trained on social media principals and platform features along with company specific messaging. Such a program helps bring the employees along for the journey and makes them feel like they are part of the message and distribution efforts. The employees also gained a qualification relating to a technology they will use again and again in their careers.

A brand can activate the Life At tab on LinkedIn by creating a careers showcase page. There are detailed instructions as to how to do that here. At the time of publishing this article, the cost of having a careers page on your LinkedIn company page was from $15,000/

By consistently delivering a clear message that articulates your EVP, using strong imagery that reflects your companies values and culture and empowering your employees to amplify your message you can make your brand stand out online to potential employees.

Like anything worth doing, there is some time and effort involved. Not all businesses are taking advantage of the careers features available on LinkedIn which means you can get out in front of the crowd. If you need help with unlocking the potential for your business on LinkedIn, get in touch, we can help!

Karen Hollenbach

Karen Hollenbach

As the Founding Director of Think Bespoke I help individuals and organisations unlock their potential with LinkedIn. Sign up to my E-insights for LinkedIn tips.

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