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Image Specifications for Your LinkedIn Company Page

by LinkedIn Company Page

In this article you will learn some of the key image specifications for your LinkedIn Company Page.

image specifications for your linkedin page

If you’re new to managing your organisation’s LinkedIn company page, today’s article provides a handy overview of the key image specifications for your LinkedIn company page for page admins to present the best version of your organisation on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Page Posting Image Specifications

image specifications for your linkedin page

When adding an image to your update, LinkedIn advises the following guidelines regarding image display size:

  • Use a 1.91:1 ratio (1200×627 px).
  • The image must be more than 200px width.
    • If your image width is less than 200px, it will not display in the larger image format. Instead, images will appear as a thumbnail on the left side of the post.
  • Images on mobile will not be cropped. Images of other ratios will show in-full with subtle white padding.

How to Customise the Image and Title of a LinkedIn Page Update Thumbnail

As a super or content Page admin, you can customise the thumbnail image and title of an article or website URL posted on your LinkedIn Page.  To customise the title and image when of a posted URL:

  1. Access your Page Super or Content admin view.
  2. Paste the URL into the Share an article, photo, video, document, or update box at the top of the Page.
    • An auto-generated thumbnail image may appear in the preview if one is available, along with the article or website title.
  3. To customise the image, click the  Image icon below text box and select an image from your computer. To customise the title, click on the current title and type your new title over it.
  4. To adjust the privacy settings, click the  dropdown and select the correct audience. The default setting is Anyone.
  5. If you’d like the update to display to all Page followers, click the dropdown menu in the share box and select All followers.
  6. Click the Post button to share your update.

LinkedIn Page Image Specifications

LinkedIn Pages are available on multiple devices and screen sizes. LinkedIn recommend the following specifications:

linkedin page image specificationsYour cover image may have to be adjusted to fit the screen which may involve trimming the image horizontally or vertically. Upload a high-quality image with limited text to ensure an optimal display on all devices and screen sizes. The accepted image formats for uploads are PNG or JPEG.  Your logo image will be displayed on both light and dark backgrounds.

If your logo is transparent, it will be shown on a white background which may impact the way it looks. We recommend testing your logo to make sure it displays correctly on both light and dark backgrounds.

Note: Some of these modules are only available for organisations with the paid LinkedIn Career Pages.

You can also use Vimeo or YouTube URLs for the main image/video and custom module sections. The static image that displays for the video is taken from the thumbnail image on Vimeo or YouTube. To change the static image, you’ll need to update the thumbnail for that video on Vimeo or YouTube.

Karen Hollenbach

Karen Hollenbach

As the Founding Director of Think Bespoke I help individuals and organisations unlock their potential with LinkedIn. Sign up to my E-insights for LinkedIn tips.

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