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LinkedIn Company Page Admin Roles Explained

by LinkedIn Company Page

In this article you will learn about the LinkedIn Company Page admin roles.

The LinkedIn Page feature now lets you assign various roles when managing page admins.  At least two people should be assigned to the Super Admin role within your organisation at any one time, in case one of these individuals discontinues working for your organisation and loses access to their work email address.

LinkedIn Pages offer Page Admin and Paid Media Admin roles to allow for tiered levels of management for all activities related to your Page. A member can have Page Admin and Paid Media Admin roles assigned at the same time. Page Admin and Paid Media Admin roles can be granted to members, associated employees, and advertisers. Learn more about each role below.

Page Admins Explained for LinkedIn Company Pages

Super Admin 

This role gives you access to every Page Admin permission available, including adding and removing all Admins on the Page, editing Page information, and deactivating the Page. Your main landing page is the Super Admin View.

Content Admin

This role gives you permission to create and manage Page content, including updates (as well as boosting updates), Events, Stories, and , and jobs. Your main landing page is the Content Admin View.


This role gives you permission to monitor the Page’s performance through analytics to help drive goals. Analysts will have limited access to the Page in 3rd party tools. You’ll only have access to the Analytics tab of a Page, which is also your main landing page.

Paid Media Admins for LinkedIn Campaign Manager

These roles are relevant if you are running campaigns via LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager for your Company Page.

Sponsored Content Poster

This role gives you permission to create Sponsored Content ads on behalf of an organisation through your LinkedIn Ads Account. This role doesn’t grant access to boosting organic updates directly on a Page (see Content Admin information above).  Learn more about Sponsored Content.

Lead Gen Forms Manager

This role gives you permission to download leads received from the Page that are tied to Lead Gen Forms that are created in ads accounts through Campaign Manager. Learn more about Lead Gen Forms.

Pipeline Builder

This role gives you permission to create and edit Pipeline Builder landing pages that are associated with your Page. Your main landing page is the Pipeline Builder View on the Pipeline Builder tab.

Pipeline Builder is a feature for recruiters and hiring managers and helps you to generate and manage leads for your hiring purposes. Using Pipeline Builder, you can advertise your opportunity and company brand through LinkedIn, find relevant candidates, and engage with them.  Learn more about Pipeline Builder.

Karen Hollenbach

Karen Hollenbach

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