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How to Create a LinkedIn Event for Your Business

by LinkedIn Marketing

This article explains how to create a LinkedIn event for your business. Use the LinkedIn event feature to engage your LinkedIn connections pre, post and during your in real life or online events, conferences, workshops and seminars.

To create an event from your LinkedIn Company Page, access the admin view of your company page from your desktop. Choose Admin tools on the RH side and click on Create an event.  

Create LinkedIn event

When creating an event this way, versus from your LinkedIn Profile, the event icon and banner will be automatically duplicated from your company page.  You can edit this if you wish to change them.  You’ll then need to add the details for the event.

Please note – if creating the event from your LinkedIn profile, you can click on the + button next to Events on the RH side of your newsfeed, when you scroll down.

how to create a linkedin event



LinkedIn Event Settings

Event Name Type a unique name that reflects the theme of your event.
Organiser Select your profile or Page depending on from where you want to host the Event.
Is this an online event? Switch the toggle to Yes if it is an online event. If it’s an offline event, you’ll have to add additional details like venue and location.
Broadcast Link Add the link to the third-party website from where you’ll be hosting the event (not needed for LinkedIn Live).
Timezone Select the applicable time zone from the dropdown.
Start date / End date Select the date and time of the event in the fields provided.
Add a brief description Add a brief and concise description that highlights the theme and purpose of the event.
Speakers Type the name of the speakers and they’ll be auto-invited to the event. The speaker needs to be your LinkedIn connection to use this field.
Ticketing website Paste the link of the ticketing website, if applicable.
Event visibility

Select Public event to make your event discoverable by search and to allow anyone to attend without an invite. You can select Require attendees to register if you want to collect the details of the attendees.

Select Private event if you want the event to be only accessed via invite or link. You can select Allow attendees to invite their connections if you want to allow other attendees to invite their connections. 

Please note – this can not be changed after you create it.


Karen Hollenbach

Karen Hollenbach

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