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How to Enable Showcase Services on Your LinkedIn Profile

by LinkedIn Marketing

Updated March 2021

Did you know LinkedIn offers an ‘Open to Work’ equivalent for businesses?  As a service provider on LinkedIn, you can display your services on your LinkedIn profile and make them discoverable in LinkedIn search.  It’s not an easily accessible feature and you may not have access to it on your LinkedIn Profile yet. Here’s what it looks like and how I’ve set it up on my LinkedIn Profile.

Providing services feature on linkedin profile

Here’s the options on my profile when I click on the grey pencil to the RH side of the image above.

how to edit showcase services

How to Enable Your Showcase Services from your LinkedIn Profile

Here’s instructions via LinkedIn to help you enable this feature.

Please note:

  • I’ve noticed some people have this feature and some don’t. LinkedIn advises they’ll be making the experience more widely available soon.
  • The information you provide will be visible to other LinkedIn members or to the public, depending on your public profile visibility settings.
  • Your profile photo will be visible to all LinkedIn members when you share your Open To status as a post, regardless of your profile visibility settings.

How does this feature work and help you get business on LinkedIn?

In my own experience, I’ve had 10-15 enquiries via LinkedIn messaging from LinkedIn members who are not first degree connections over the last 2-3 months as a direct result of adding my business services. Unfortunately it is not being offered to everyone.

Karen Hollenbach

Karen Hollenbach

As the Founding Director of Think Bespoke I help individuals and organisations unlock their potential with LinkedIn. Sign up to my E-insights for LinkedIn tips.

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