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Ep#4 – How to Add Business Services to Your LinkedIn Profile

by Podcast

In this episode I ask you to check if you have the Providing Services feature option on your LinkedIn Profile. You can check out how this feature looks on my LinkedIn profile. At the time of recording this episode, LinkedIn reported that not all members have access to the option to list the services they provide from their LinkedIn Profile. LinkedIn also specifies that this feature is separate to LinkedIn’s Profinder, that you will find in the U.S. It is also separate to the Open to Work feature. On some profiles I have seen people use both the Providing Services and Open to Work feature. 

Premium subscribers who have enabled the Open Profile setting can be messaged for free when members want to inquire about business details, which is one of the benefits I mention in this episode.

If you have this feature, here’s some tips from LinkedIn on how to enable and manage it.

Karen Hollenbach

Karen Hollenbach

As the Founding Director of Think Bespoke I help individuals and organisations unlock their potential with LinkedIn. Sign up to my E-insights for LinkedIn tips.

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