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How to Create an Event From Your Company Page

by LinkedIn Company Page, LinkedIn News

You can create an event from your LinkedIn Profile or your LinkedIn Company Page. LinkedIn now lets you create an event from your profile and choose the organiser (e.g. the company page). For organisations with more than one team member, it is better to create the event from your LinkedIn Company Page as it helps build your organisation’s brand on LinkedIn and sends a more professional image if the event is created with the company’s name, rather than from an individual profile.

To create an event from your LinkedIn Company Page, access the admin view of your company page from your desktop.

When you click on Create an event, you will be prompted to complete the following details about your event.

Event name

There is a 75 character limit for your event name.

Online event

You’ll be given the option to choose Yes or No.

Broadcast Link

This is to add a live stream or webinar link. You can add this when you first create the event or later. You have 1024 characters for this section.

For LinkedIn Live, the link is not needed, but you will need to separately follow LinkedIn’s guidelines for running a LinkedIn Live event, and must apply to get this access for your page.

Date and Time



This is where you can add details like topics, schedules, speakers, etc. You have 5000 characters for this section.

Ticketing Website

You have 1024 characters for this section and do not have to include a link here.

 feEvent Visibility

This can not be changed once the event is created.  LinkedIn provides the following information about event visibility.

If an Event’s visibility is set to Public:

If an Event’s visibility is set to Private:

  • It won’t appear in search results.
  • It will only be visible to invitees (i.e. LinkedIn members who have been invited by the organiser or other attendees, if applicable) and anyone else who has the Event’s URL.
  • Anyone with the Event URL can view the Event page and request to attend.

A member may attend if they meet one of the following criteria:

  • They accept an invitation from the organiser or from an attendee of the Event.
  • The organiser approves their request to attend.
  • September 2020 Updates for LinkedIn Company Page

    Your event can now be viewed on the side tab of your company page and upcoming events are posted in your newsfeed.


 November 2020 Updates for LinkedIn Company Page

 LinkedIn continues to add new elements to the LinkedIn event feature. Read more here.


Feature image by Teigan Rodger

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Karen Hollenbach

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